Children steal money from parents

When the child is a kid, there may be some petty behaviors. When parents discover these behaviors of the child, don’t scold them first, and figure out who the problem is.

After all, teaching children is the primary purpose.

  This happened when the daughter was eight years old-the husband who always threw his wallet on the porch as soon as he got home, found that there was a thousand yuan less in the wallet.

  ”Did you take my money?

“He asked the three” suspects “at home-me, an eleven-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter, and everyone answered” No. ”

  But I noticed that when my daughter answered “No”, she didn’t dare to look at his father. I had a guess in my heart, but how can I make my daughter confess and repent?

But I had no music at all, so I called to ask a friend who is a familiar parent-child education expert.

  After my friend heard what I said, the first sentence turned out to be: “Your daughter will steal money, but your husband will arbitrarily place his wallet. This is legally called” seduce a crime “!

“” My husband has always been in the habit of throwing away wallets, but why only his daughter is tempted, but his brother can not be tempted to steal money?

“This has something to do with the natural personality and age of each child. If the child’s material desires are replaced, or if he is older and does not clearly distinguish the boundary between your thing and my thing, it is easy to make mistakes.

“Friends and put forward two principles for communication with children for reference -1.

Do not “question” the daughter by “interrogating the prisoner” and force her to admit her mistakes. It is recommended to “slightly” her and let her know that her parents have made a mistake.


It must be clear why she stole the money in order to murder the method to prevent these behaviors.

  ”As for the way to talk to your daughter, you are her mother, and you should know more about applicable countermeasures than me, an outsider.

“The words of experts and friends settled my mother-in-law, when she first learned that her daughter had stolen money, she had a lot of thoughts in her heart-really shameful, she would even educate a child who would steal money!

  At a young age, he has the habit of stealing money. He doesn’t make mistakes when he grows up?

  Calmly, I decided to make a “mother-daughter solo date” with my daughter and invited her to a western restaurant for her favorite steak meal.

  I waited patiently for my daughter to be filled with a large meal and showed a satisfied and relaxed appearance, and then said inadvertently: “Did not my father have a thousand dollars less in the purse two days ago?

He wondered if it was taken by our children, and I told my dad-I believe our children will not take money from others .

“I note that in the conversation, the word” stealing “is definitely not used, so as not to cause a psychological shadow to the daughter.

I noticed that when my daughter heard that my father had less money, her eyes drooped down and she dared not look at me. I further determined that the money must have been taken by my daughter. I decided to save her face and not ask her to admit to meThen he turned the front: “Is your pocket money enough?

“My daughter cried, and twitched and said,” It’s not enough!

“” How is it not enough?

My pocket money is the same as yours. Why didn’t my brother say it wasn’t enough?

“” Because I want to buy a portable stereo and a watch!

“” There is already a stereo at home that allows you to listen to stories and music. Why do you want to buy a portable stereo?

You already have two watches, and I haven’t seen you wear them. Why should you pay for them again?

“” The speaker is always dominated by my brother. Listen to the stories and music he likes to listen to. If I can have my own portable speaker, I can listen to whatever you like; those two watches are for you and your aunt to choose you.I do n’t like what I like, but I want to buy a watch I like!

“Do you really want two things like that?”

“The daughter nodded.

  ”Okay, then you choose the one you want the most, and Mom takes you to buy it.

The daughter looked at me higher and asked, “Can I really buy it?”

“” It’s true, but since two things are available at home, neither of them is a must-have in the mother’s budget. Therefore, the mother can lend you the money to buy this thing first.Would you like to repay this loan in the coming months?

My daughter nodded and agreed to buy a portable speaker first, so I took her to the department store to buy it.

Probably considering that this cost needs to be repaid afterwards, the daughter chose a medium-priced product.
  When I got home, I took out a piece of paper and asked my daughter to write down the IOU and the amount to be returned each month, and asked her to sign her name and put on her handprint.

  The daughter’s debt was repaid six months later. When the last payment was repaid, I returned the debt to her and was willing to borrow another money to buy her a watch, but the daughter declined me.
  ”I don’t want to buy a watch, because it is very painful to pay the money every month.

“But don’t you really want a watch you like?

“” I don’t think so, and I don’t like watches so much. Even if I bought them, I would wear them for a few days at most.

“The daughter never committed any unscrupulous behavior, and developed a habit of stopping first to think about whether it is necessary, and observing the quality difference and substitution of items.

  The master of our family also changed the problem that he refused to change and misplaced his wallet in order to avoid becoming the culprit of “seducing crime”.