[How to make cold soybean sprouts]_Recommended diet

Cold soy sprouts are a common home-cooked dish that tastes crisp and refreshing. The ingredients are common and easy to make.

Soybean sprouts can have a fatal heat-clearing and detoxifying effect on the human body, thereby preventing the accumulation of harmful substances in the human body, and it can also reduce the carbohydrate content of the human body to a certain extent.

Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the specific method of cold soybean sprouts. You can make and eat at home.

First, buy soy sprouts.

When buying soybean sprouts, you should pay attention to choosing soybean sprouts with thinner roots and whiter colors.

In addition, the roots and roots of the buds do not have too many rotten roots, and there will not be too much water on the ruptured surface of the soybean sprouts. Generally, naturally cultivated soybean sprouts with this feature are healthy.

Then, prepare the ingredients.

You can add some other ingredients to the cold soybean sprouts, some fungus, cucumber, etc.

Wash the onions and ginger and chop them, and peel the garlic and chop them into garlic or mashed garlic.

Friends who like spicy food can also add green peppers or red peppers, clean it and cut into pieces.

Finally, cold soy sprouts.

Put the soybean sprouts in boiling water, add the appropriate amount of salt, and remove them in about 3 minutes. The soybean sprouts are easy to ripen.

Put all the seasonings and added ingredients in a clean container, pour an appropriate amount of vinegar, add salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, etc., and stir evenly before serving.

Or put all the spices in the oil pan and stir-fry on the soybean sprouts.

The above is the specific method of cold soy sprouts, which can be tried at home, and can be adjusted according to your own taste.

Appropriate consumption of soybean sprouts can also complete the role of skin blemishes for female friends. At the same time, its low trace content is also a good weight loss ingredient and can also reduce the symptoms of human fatigue.