[Girls are too thin to eat what can be fat]_Girls_How to eat fat

If the girl is too thin, it is not good for the health of the body. Do not think that a girl who is too thin is particularly healthy, because the human body still needs a certain aunt to prevent disease and avoid disease.Invasion, so that girls are too thin, you can properly eat some relatively high food, so that you properly gain weight, which will help your health.

What can a girl eat when she is too thin to eat?

Chocolate is a taboo for people who lose weight. It is really the best choice for people who want to gain weight. If you want to gain weight, then eat more chocolate every day. It is especially effective to eat a few pills after meals.

Beer, people who drink beer are prone to beer belly.

Therefore, thin people drink more beer in the summer and can really grow meat.

When you drink beer, you can have some bread together.


Burgers are a particularly popular type of junk food, and friends who want to gain weight do not prevent them from eating junk food.

Either a burger or fries.

Fatty meat.

If you want to gain weight, you can eat more fat, or eat foods with high trace content.

Especially fatty pork, you can also drink carbonated drinks while eating.

Female friends who want to gain weight can also grow more chestnuts or fried chestnuts.

However, when eating chestnut, it is best to add some milk, and the effect is particularly obvious if it is whole milk.

The trace amount of fruit juice is very large. When you drink fruit juice, it seems that you can add nutrients, but it is actually gaining weight.

Therefore, friends who lose weight should stay away from fruit juice, and friends who gain weight must drink fruit juice.


The transient state of popcorn is several times more than other foods. If you want to gain weight, you can usually eat more popcorn, the effect is very good.


If the horse is not night, the grass is not fat. If you want to grow fat, you must eat supper.

If you are hungry after dinner, you can eat supper, eat more fatty foods or high conversion foods.

The main ways of gaining weight: 1. Regular work and rest: Regular work and rest is very important, especially when sleeping, do not stay up late, very hurt your body, the same in the morning, too much sleep will consume more energy,Work and rest must have a schedule, do not sleep very much today, stay up late every day, alternate moving biological clock is not desirable.

2. Eat less and eat more: Many friends who want to gain weight eat desperately, and the effect is not obvious, but they often make the stomach uncomfortable, bloating, stomachache, diarrhea, etc. Here I suggest that you do n’t eat too muchThe usual amount, but if we have the conditions, we can eat a few more meals. In addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, we can also add afternoon snacks and supper one hour before bed.

3, eat some desserts: sweet things are very easy to gain weight, including candy, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, etc. Many extra people do not eat these things, so what do we want fat people?

You need to eat more, especially chocolate, the effect is quite good, you can also add energy.

4. Exercise: At the same time of gaining weight, we also need to do more physical exercise. We can start with calf training, gradually jogging, cycling, etc. It is also very easy to exercise the abdomen.Don’t think that only obese people can exercise muscles.

5, change eating habits: very thin people are not very fond of meat, so we need to change our usual eating habits, to eat more high-content foods, traces of high-content foods, including some meat, eggs are also veryA good supplement, everyone should drink milk every day. Don’t pull it down. It is best to drink whole milk (pure milk).