Headache customers

(1) Return my money to my bank staff, our unit, no matter whether you graduated from a prestigious university or whatever job you are enrolled in, you must train at the counter for the first year, saying that this is the best way to understand banking.

We joked privately that understanding the business is still second, I am afraid that the main essence of leadership is to temper the iron will of employees!

  Two days ago, I encountered such a man, and handed in a passbook: “Miss, please pull the card and see how much money there is?”

“As soon as I knew the numbers inside, I immediately raised my voice by eight degrees:” Ah?

Why is there only this money?

I didn’t mention it!

“I had to explain to him patiently with a passbook:” Look, I made a sum of money some year, some day, some day . “” I didn’t mention it! ”

Who mentioned it?

“” . “” Oh no matter, you give me all the money, I won’t put it in your bank! ”

What the hell, the fewer and fewer banknotes!

“” . Then please enter your password.

“He pressed his head and pressed, showing the wrong password.

I have n’t changed my password, why is it wrong?

You can’t swallow my money, you have to pay me back!

“I’m about to feel dizzy, but I have to pretend to be nice and cheerful”: “Did you bring your ID card?

I ca n’t remember, I can change the password.

“As a result, this jumped three feet high:” Who would bring such important documents with them!

What if I get picked up by a bad guy?

You are so confused, I want to change the counter and complain about you!

“(2) I ask you to eat KFC phone operator phone service. Many people say that our service attitude is not good, may we all blame us?

The old messy customers are so entangled that they can’t hold their temper.

Those who are heavy, yell at you and greet human organs and your parents; light people also make people cry and laugh.

  I met a guy last time and was plugged in. The phone couldn’t be called, so I couldn’t know the number of this card.

He called to complain, and I said to him, “A few strings behind the SIM card. Do you see it?

After he reported the numbers, I checked: “Yes, it was indeed stopped.

“It’s pretty normal here. The guy’s words are wrong:” What should I do now? ”

You can’t even make a top-up call.

Oh, fortunately, I can call your customer service and chat with you for free!

“” . I pretended not to hear, “If you want to turn on the machine, please bring your ID card to our business office.


So troublesome?

Can’t you open it for me now?

“Sorry, this is a rule, I don’t have this permission.

“Well, how about I invite you to KFC?”


No, it’s useless . “” Don’t do this and give some face! ”



  (3) Intel original screw computer installation technical service When it comes to dealing with “scraping three” customers, my colleague has a classic story.

At that time, he sent the computer to the door to help the customer install common software, and when the customer saw it, he casually asked, “Do you have a lot of software, how much does it cost to install one?”

“A colleague replied casually:” No money, help you to install it for free.

“When the customer heard it, his eyes flashed immediately:” Free?

Well, you can give me one for each, I will do everything!

“If you are sick, you have to pretend everything, and he will use it?”

Of course, on the surface, colleagues are still polite: “So many pretends, wasting resources .” The customer was furious: “Less nonsense, I want everything, and then I will complain to you!

“The colleague swallowed his breath and spent half an hour, installed a few graphics processing software for him, was preparing to close the job, and was pulled by him:” Hey! ”

You are my foreign pan, you obviously have more than a few software in your bag!

The colleague was also angry now, and brainwashed him, “What do you know?”

Your hard disk is eaten with two screwdrivers. It is too heavy to load. We do not guarantee the hard disk if it falls down!

Also, that screw is original for cancer, one for 1,000 pieces!

“The client immediately lost his breath:” Ah . like this . does it matter now, do you want to take a few more? ”

The colleague murmured and walked away slowly and proudly.

  Come back and say, we laughed back and forth, but squeezed sweat for him: “You are so bullshit, people will complain about you when they catch the ‘move’!

He grinned. “People who make such demands clearly show that they don’t know computers.

Besides, I really have to do as he asked. No one can’t come out for more than half a day, and the customers behind are delayed. Isn’t the boss asking me for the same trouble?