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Duobao fish can reduce cholesterol, beauty and beauty, and also has a good effect on the treatment of stomach pain. Baby eating Duobao fish can also add calcium and strengthen resistance. Do not need to remove fish scales to eat Duobao fish.well.

First, do you need to remove the fish scales?

Polycarp (scophthalmus maximus) is a fish of the family Polygonum, a genus of magpies.

It is a marine benthic fish belonging to the osteophyte class Falcoididae.

Commonly known as European flounder, in China it is called “multi-treasure fish”.

In natural seas, adult fish can grow up to 75 cm.

The body is evenly flat, showing an oblong shape, oval or long tongue.

The eyes of juvenile fish are on both sides of the body, and the adult fish’s body is asymmetrical left and right. One eye gradually turns to the left or right, and both eyes are on the head or right side.

Mouth is slightly protruding.

Fins are generally spineless.

Dorsal and anal fins have long bases and are connected or unconnected to the caudal fin.

The eyes are transitioning upward with the body, and the color on this side matches well with the surrounding environment; their body is white downward and upward.

There are very fine scales on the surface of the body.

Second, what is the function of polycarp? 1. Soften blood vessels and reduce gall bladder.

Dolly fish can soften and protect blood vessels, and because it contains fat, it can effectively reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in the human body.

2. Prevention of night blindness.

Due to the vitamin A contained in the treasure fish, if you eat the treasure fish, you can take in sufficient vitamin A, which can improve the disease resistance of the eyes and prevent night blindness.

3. Relieve stomachache.

Dolly fish has the effect of neutralizing stomach acid and reducing stomach pain.

Therefore, people with poor stomachs can choose to eat bonito.

4, brain refreshing.

Due to the multiple nutrients contained in the bonito fish, the zinc contained in it can nourish the kidney and strengthen the brain and help refresh the sun.

5. Improve immunity.

Because the treasure fish contains protein, fatty acids, vitamins and various trace elements, etc., regular consumption of the treasure fish can nourish fitness and improve people’s disease resistance.

6, beauty and beauty.

Dolly fish has a high content of glial protein, which has a good moisturizing and cosmetic effect.