In the summer, you need to be aware that these heat dissipation methods can hurt you.

Eating cold drinks and blowing cold wind are common ways to cool off the heat, but do you know?

If you haven’t mastered a degree, these methods that can help us stay healthy in the summer will cause physical discomfort. Let ‘s take a look.

  1, cold drinks to eat non-stop After entering the summer, all kinds of cold drinks, popsicles, etc. are everyone’s favorite.

But you know what?
Cold drinks are good, but you should not overdo it. If you admit to ice drinks every day, eat ice cream.

After one summer, your stomach is too hurt!

  2, do not dry the body after taking a shower Many people do not like to dry after taking a shower in the summer, they like to air dry.

Some even go directly into the air-conditioned room without drying after showering, and let the wind of the air-conditioning blow dry the moisture on the body.

You have to know that doing this hurts your joints very much because our pores are open when we take a shower.

If you do not wipe dry after taking a shower, if you blow cold wind, it will bring moisture into your body, which may easily cause arthritis or bone discomfort.

  3. Air conditioners are often blown. The temperature of air conditioners is getting higher every year, which makes people inseparable from air conditioners.

We all know that blowing air conditioners often is bad for the body.

But helpless weather is too hot, then you need to protect yourself.

Especially office workers who need to stay in the air-conditioned room for a day, be careful not to sit under the air outlet of the air-conditioning, otherwise it will have a very bad impact on your shoulders and necks.

  4. Sleep directly on the floor In summer, the frequency of mopping the floor at home will definitely be higher than in winter.

One is because the windows are often open for ventilation in summer, and there will be more dust in winter, and it will be much larger in winter. Another thing is that we will choose to sit directly on the floor in the summer, so keeping the floor clean is a thing many people will do.

Sleeping on the floor for a long time will cause moisture to enter the body, so it is not recommended that people sleep directly on the floor in summer. If you want to sleep, it is best to put on a straw mat or a mat.

  5, drink too much herbal tea in the south, many people often in the summer with herbal tea, especially Cantonese, herbal tea is already a habit in life.

In the summer when there is no herbal tea, it feels white. Here I remind everyone that although herbal tea is good, it cannot be drunk every day, otherwise it may have some side effects!

People with poor constitution are not recommended to drink herbal tea.

  6, eat too much cold salad Because of the high summer, people’s appetite will also be affected by this, appetizing cold salad has become a side dish for many people.

However, you should know that cold food is mainly raw food. When this gastrointestinal disease is high in summer, eating raw food may increase your physical discomfort.

In addition, it ‘s best to make your own salads. The salads on the outside stalls may have health problems.