Choose the right eye cream

Overtime pesticides on weekdays, white-collar workers who work at the computer all day long, indulge in carnival on weekends and evenings, but wake up but become panda eyes!


hzh {display: none; }  调查:70%的男士们承认见到一个陌生女人的时候,首先会注意她的眼睛,而“熊猫眼”会让好印象大打折扣.
Therefore, choosing an eye care product that effectively removes dark circles is a required homework for MMs working overtime.

  The right medicine: The skin around the eyes is particularly fragile and sensitive. Usually, the culprit causing dark circles is the poor microcirculation of the skin on the eyes.

And choosing the right eye cream doesn’t have so many tricks. According to your age, finding a soothing eye cream that promotes metabolism is a good medicine.

  Xiaobian’s dark circles eye cream prepared for MMs have been divided into suitable ages, and quickly choose one according to their own situation.

  Ingredients: Citrus Extract, Apple, Kernel, Camellia and Other Plant Essence Selling Points: 1.

Plant extracts, refreshing; 2.

Can improve dark circles and puffiness, brighten eyes and reduce fine lines; 3.

It is the nemesis of dark circles and can moisturize the skin around the eyes. After use, you can feel the softness and brightness of the eye skin.

  This can be used for first aid dark circles, but the degree of wetness is worse, so the coverage is stronger when used, and the effect is better when the weather is warm and humid.

  Suitable age: 25 ± 30 years old Ingredients: elastin, arbutin, rose essential oil, camellia oil, grapefruit extract, lanolin Selling point: 1.

Pure natural plant extract, refreshing and easy to absorb; 2.

Once in the morning and evening, immediately awakens the sagging skin around the eyes, promotes the circulation of cells around the eyes, prevents the formation of fine particles, effectively alleviates dark circles, and lightens the skin pigmentation around the eyes; 3.

Provides the required nutrients and elastic fibers, and blends into the natural plant nutrition protective film of the eye skin to lock the moisture while keeping the eye skin in a good and firm state.

  The absorption is super strong, and the dark circles are slightly diminished. Although it is not completely eliminated, it is estimated that there are some genetic factors in it, and the eye muscles become hydrated and smooth, and even how to stay up late, it can not be seen.

  Suitable age: 20–30 years old Ingredients: plant-derived interstitial acid, olive squalane, phytosterol inducer, EPC, lecithin inducer, AMF (active amino acid, active hyaluronic acid), beech extract, plantSOD selling points: 1.

Products specifically to save the eyes of pandas; 2.

It has active keratinocytes around the eyes, reduces water loss, eliminates dry lines and contains lecithin inducer, only a small amount is needed to supplement the skin of the eyes, which easily generates water and oil, reduces dark circles, bags under the eyes, and restores the elasticity of the eyes。  After using it, the effect is not bad, and the dark circles have faded a lot. It ca n’t be unfortunate, but the amount should not be too much in summer, otherwise it will feel oily, and the amount is more luxurious.

  Suitable age: 20–30 years old Ingredients: Super active pure vitamin C, amide washing, acid glucoside, caffeine and Vichy hot spring water Selling points: 1.

Extraction of caffeine and hot spring water, anti-ascorbic function, improve dark circles, lighten pigment, even skin tone around the eyes;

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Vitamin C makes the skin around the eyes feel smooth, comfortable and fair.

  There will be a small volume of frost when rubbed around the eyes, and the moisturizing effect is not good.

I want to use it to improve the dimness at the moment, but it feels just normal, but the advertisement is good.

  Suitable age: around 25 years old Ingredients: research white ingredients, mineral essence, vitamin C Selling point: 1.

Pure Vitamin C enhances the whitening and reducing effect, and is called the “killer” to eliminate stubborn dark circles; 2.

2. Speed up the elimination of cellular waste and toxins under the dermis layer, and obviously eliminate the congestion and puffiness of the eye drops; 3.

Improve the moisturization of the skin around the eyes, prevent and improve the appearance of wrinkles or dry lines due to various reasons or frustrated sun.

  I originally thought that this instrument would be more effective in removing dark circles, but it still didn’t do much to me. Maybe my wife Panda Eye was stubborn. I don’t know how other MMs work.

  Suitable age: 28–30 years old Ingredients: soluble β-G-glucan, jasmine extract, vitamin ACE complex, peptides, marine deep water Selling point: 1.

Gel grease, refreshing and delicate; 2.
It is specially designed for sensitive and tender eye skin, so that the eye skin regains elasticity, promotes blood circulation, prevents dark circles, shapes skin elasticity, is full of moisture, and provides three major cares for the skin around the stressed eye, improvingDark circles and puffiness.

  The effect of lightening dark circles is not bad. It doesn’t have a lot of whitening ingredients. Use it sooner or later. It feels easy to absorb. I don’t like things with too many whitening ingredients. The large lead content is not good for the skin.

  Suitable for ages: 25–30 years old: Children’s tea vine extract, arginine salt, glycosyl hesperidin Selling point: 1.

High elasticity gel formula, firming and improving skin around the eyes, improving eye puffiness, fine lines and dark circles; 2.Contains essence of beauty liquid, used for puffiness, fine lines at the same time contain high moisturizing ingredients and promote blood circulation components, to improve the under eye puffiness, fine lines and dark circles and other phenomena.

  Still a bit effective.

  Suitable age: 20–30 years