Spring baby respiratory tract infection how to do?Pediatric massage to help

Spring baby most vulnerable to recurrent respiratory infections, recurrent respiratory tract infections are usually smaller children age preschool children with more common, the most common is 2-4-year-olds, as children age, gradually increasing, the incidence rate will gradual decline, the incidence of major incidence of the season is in the winter and spring, the weather is cold, the temperature change is relatively large。Then the baby respiratory tract infection how to do it the following parents teach children some useful massage, can effectively alleviate the condition oh。
About respiratory infections in children with recurrent respiratory tract infections (RRTI) is a common disease in children, the incidence rate of about 20%, to 2?The most common age of 6。RRTI with complex sense of children referred to child, 7 in 1 year?More than 10 times the upper and lower respiratory tract infections。Mostly congenital factors or immune dysfunction or trace element and vitamin deficiency, or inappropriate feeding patterns, as well as the combined result of a variety of genetic factors, care, living environment, if improper treatment can cause asthma, myocarditis, nephritis and other diseases seriously affect growth in children with physical health。
1 massage respiratory infections in children, in the transport position [500] gossip gossip is located in the palm side to the palm of a circle, from the center to the middle finger stripes approximately 2/3 of the radius, draw a circle, gossip points in this round。Referred to in the transportation gossip。[Way] to use massage oil, massage medium, with the thumb or food, middle finger gently starting from Qian to the clockwise direction pushing against the Gua to stop, circle again and again, the way the intensity must be light。
[Action] Chest qi, cis phlegm, Sushi eliminate, reduce stomach to reconcile the internal organs, there is the power Shengqingjiangzhuo。
2, clearing position by [500] in the fingertip to the finger ring。[Methods] ring finger from the surface of the finger to the fingertip is pushed by clearing the lungs; otherwise known lungs via。[Role] benefit lung, clearing diarrhea fever, cough and phlegm。