Sydney Chinese Asian region is now near the body of a woman mysterious Korean men want to jump

October 9 power 9 in the morning, near the train station and Chinese communities in Sydney, found the body of an Asian woman。
Deceased about 25 years old, at present, the local police have been involved in the investigation。 According to the "Daily Mail" reported on the 9th morning 6:30, police received the alarm call, in an alley and found a dead woman。
Police who said while he was standing with friends near the train station incident alley located in the central business district, on the road there are many shops, offices and apartments。 Woman whose body was discovered shortly after a South Korean nationality man appeared in the roof of the apartment building near the incident, and the police were talking about the day of judgment。
According to insiders said the man looked very anxious, he refused from the top down to the 26th floor glass house, also asked for a cigarette to the police。 Police said the suspect killed a woman falling from the balcony of the high-rise, low-rise than men in Korea where the layer 5。
Is still not sure whether the man and woman death。 Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。