Champions League 1/8 final: Massey Hurricane Blues out

  Champions League · Yangcheng Evening News this morning this morning news reporter Liu Yi reports: Champions League 1/8 final, second leg this morning staged a strong dialogue, 5th Champions League winners Barcelona at home to 3-0 victory over 2012 Champions League winners Chelsea, Messi He contributed two goals and one assist, Barcelona made the quarter-finals tickets for a total score of 4 to 1。
All Champions League quarter-finals produced 16 in three Primera Liga club Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla all cut, 16 in only five Premier League teams Manchester City, Liverpool promotion, two Serie A goals in 16 team Juventus, Roma all cut, 16 in the Bundesliga "only child" Bayern Munich easily cut to 8 to 1。   Barcelona and Chelsea attracted three World Cup players marshal scene investigation, namely Argentina coach Sampaoli, the Spanish coach Lopez Chatterjee, Belgium coach Martinez。 To some extent, Belgium and Argentina star Lionel Messi headed Ajaria headed star of Competition, directly affect the result in Barcelona and Chelsea。 The game once again this morning showed that Messi is the best。
  Chelsea West did not wait for a good defensive battle, Barca took only 129 seconds to the lead, Suarez sent forward pass, Macy small angle calm Tui, the ball drilled into the net from between the legs of Belgium abroad Courtois。
129 seconds to break his own 156 seconds Macy's fastest scoring record, previous record was the creation in August 29, 2010 Barcelona match against Racing Santander in。 The first 20 minutes, Messi completed steals from friends Fabregas foot, bolted to the front of area cross struck the right, winger price Dembele blasts follow up to expand the score to 2-0。