Health knowledge of seven tips to keep a good spring body

Spring health knowledge of what spring has come to our side, not only the rain increased air becomes moist, bacteria are on the increase, it is very prone to disease。
So the spring of health knowledge are what it the following night on the network to bring spring to you health knowledge, seven tips to help you raise a good body!A spring of health knowledge, the "Body cleaning" in life we often have to clean up the body, especially in the spring time, we must pay attention to carry out the body's "clean-up" after a storage throughout the winter, our bodies You need a good clean-up to clean。
Therefore, the night network suggest that you usually drink fruit juice can bowel, without any intake of sugar and caffeine, smoking, etc. are all good choices within two weeks。
In addition, the best spring temperance, not excessive eating, seven full on it, so make your body more energy。
Second, the spring should eat bean sprouts in the spring, when necessary, eat more bean sprouts, it will also complement the body, promote the health of our body。Bean sprouts in a constant growth process, in which the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients in most fresh。In the spring recovery of all things, the human body is also growing, especially in such high-quality nutritional needs。In addition, green leafy vegetables, fresh spring growth of lettuce, spinach, and strawberries, cherries and other seasonal fruits and most wholesome。The spring of health knowledge Third, to protect the liver and gallbladder Liver is the most important spring season, you should pay attention to reasonable measures Liver in life, this will promote good health。
Spring will make the liver and gallbladder some small problems become more severe。
To protect the liver and gallbladder, it is necessary to avoid any chemicals in the environment, eat less animal fat and fried foods, and less to the restaurant for dinner, away from low-quality cooking oil use, it is best to eat nuts every day 1-2。
You should eat a good oil, such as olive oil and nuts and seeds with a squeeze of oil, lubricants they like, let your body parts more flexible, healthy, rust。Liver comfortable, people ligaments, tendons and joints are not stiff。