Ten Chinese handset vendors to quickly release applications Standard

  Conference, ten mobile phone manufacturers and the Chinese Academy of ICT, telecommunications terminal Industry Association jointly launched the fast application of standards and immediate application of eco-development alliance。 "Mobile Internet market is saturated, hardware ownership growth slowed significantly, the gradual disappearance of subscriber growth dividend, the stock market began to dig into the user's process, form fast application will be the future trend。
"The First Presidency Union Hongfeng meeting, said:" The Union needs to set up the involvement and support downstream partners, and the ability to fully tap the value of fast application, to provide more services and solutions for developers to build complete industrial chain。
"Reform of the general trend of mobile Internet applications faster application of standards came into fast application is based on the new mobile hardware platforms Applied Ecology。 Conference, the number of mobile phone manufacturers representatives as members of the Union from the opening scene and the user needs to put the platform introduction, technical solutions and traffic planning to make four levels of interpretation of the standard fast application environment。
The new form of mobile Internet applications will create more business opportunities and possibilities in the field。   Union representatives from the user's point of view and demand scenario mentioned, the current developer pain points it is clear that the long tail download applications become the bottleneck, the lack of correlation between the APP, the long path to the user's decision-making, etc.。
Fast application gives a new solution, enabling the product capabilities, resources vendors and developers rights aspects。
Fast application allows users to click-use, while providing the ability to include account number, payment, fast application scenarios can be simplified to expand online user contact point, and a line connecting the phone user scenarios, for example, directly into the line through the two-dimensional code scenes, meet the needs of lower customer line。
Hardware vendors based on the underlying hardware system is the ability to quickly apply more resources to the entrance, in addition to the notification bar, and a negative one screen of information flow, vendors also support search portal, including search and search internal and external applications。   Combination of artificial intelligence and fast application can create more intelligent scene recognition, permission to call the hardware features, such as wireless payment entrance scene。
Application developers also quick to service providers under the new empowerment, linkage to open up the entrance scene online and offline, to achieve accurate data-driven advertising on the hardware platform, and ultimately business retention and conversion。
Quick application of ecological construction strategy is user-centric, the use of flow through the improvement of the user, improve user information utilization efficiency, thus reducing redundant operations, to better meet user intuitive touch-up service, improve developer retained business transformation。
  Fast application is based on a new hardware platform mobile phone application form。 Standards jointly developed by the alliance's top ten major mobile phone manufacturers, with the national industrial policy-oriented, user demand-driven, to achieve the lowest cost access to developers through a unified standard。
Birth fast application of standards will be developed interfaces, the ability to access, developer services and other aspects of the construction of a standard platform to platform ecological model of the whole category is open to individual developers and corporate developers。   Fast application can efficiently connect users, content and services, low cost, good experience, rich scenes, high conversion and high retention benefits, users need to download, Click-to-achieve 100% conversion rate。 Fast open platform designed to create a unified fast application vendor alliances to achieve a developer uploads, line ten manufacturers。
In the fast open platform, developers have complete documentation, tools and forum support, in addition to standardized fast application release process, developers will open more service support。
"From a technical point of view, the current mobile end users and developers of these pain points, and the two existing Eco – has the technical characteristics of Web pages and applications a great relationship: page missing a lot of interfaces, resulting in a complete service functions can not be done, but due to technical limitations and historical burden, but also experience poor performance; faster application uses a new technology program to address these shortcomings in technical, feature-rich, high performance, namely point-use, interoperability, etc., at the same time It has a retention capacity, and low version fragmentation。
  Rapid application development using the front-end technology stack, operating efficiency and development efficiency to achieve a good balance, and a lot of front-end code resources can be directly multiplexed。
Rapid application development model closer to the front end of mainstream thinking, using the MVVM pattern template plus data binding, JS supports the standard syntax for higher rendering performance and ease of use of CSS and tag some tailoring and expansion , the overall cost is very low learning。   Although the use of front-end technology stack, but fast application does not use the operating mode of traditional browser kernel, but by a new engine, will provide systems native rendering mechanism and the ability to interface to the upper application, making ability and experience fast application basically the same native application。 Through this engine, fast application can use a lot of system capabilities include hardware, including, but also integrates a lot of service capabilities, such as push, accounts, payments, and other statistics。
  "Traffic will be a fast application of terminal manufacturers, developers and users work together to promote the situation。 9 large domestic mobile phone manufacturers smart mobile phone population of nearly one billion, 400 million new equipment every year, which is a fast application traffic to ensure a strong foundation。 After fast application delivery, mobile phone manufacturers will be released through the application market, the operating system upgrade OTA way to quickly touch up to one billion smartphone devices, emerging devices will also be fully pre-installed quick application engine。
"Finally, on behalf of the Alliance standard interpretation from fast application traffic planning point of view, saying that" in order to accelerate growth and rapid development of applications, manufacturers will gradually introduce its own fast application support program, which includes ten billion exposure resources, joint manufacturers aspects of marketing, quality and fast application with the manufacturers in-depth cooperation。
The manufacturers of flow will gradually clear support programs and expanded, please pay attention to the official website fast applications, the latest information on the manufacturers website developer。 "Multi-force were pushing standards to achieve faster application users, developers, hardware manufacturers tripartite win in the increasingly intense competition in the market environment, the domestic top ten mobile phone manufacturers to jointly launch applications faster commendable standard。 The introduction of standards will contribute to the rapid spread of fast application form, address the inherent shortcomings of web and legacy applications, the depth of open operating systems, perfect fit diverse scenarios, allowing users to step up to touch。 Also it allows developers to develop a seamless cross-vendor operation, realize users, developers, and handset manufacturers win-win situation。
  Mr. Vice President Information and Communication Studies He Guili China, said, "ICT Academy in addition to supervised play fast application in which the role of standard-setting process, will also lead the various Alliance members do share technical resources, application framework for rapid integration and so on try out and explore, build fast application ecosystem security system to protect the security of information and hardware platforms, and ultimately promote the rapid development of fast application ecosystem, benefiting the majority of developers and users。
In addition, ICT Institute and Alliance will carry out close cooperation in research and implementation of national policies to promote the standard upgrade, construction of industrial ecology and other aspects of the parties。 "" Mobile phone hardware vendors in order to meet the needs of the user experience, efforts in the direction of mobile Internet services and software, is also an important part of China's software industry。
"Dr. Chen Baoguo China Software Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General spoke, said," China Software Association, the software industry as a 'bridgehead' obligation to support the healthy and orderly development of mobile Internet, mobile phone manufacturers support to this end take on new eco-development on more responsibility we support fast application standards, supports instant applied ecology, support mobile Internet industry quality and efficiency, promote hardware manufacturers to strengthen the combination of hardware and software, good ecological standards in software and hardware integration of。
"Fast and lead to new applications appear to constitute a new form of ecology, will create on the phone hardware platform unlimited entrance scene and imagination, enhance the user experience。 As Gerald Thales mentioned in the "endless innovation", one of the new things being created, the new things that will affect even the complete reconstruction of the current business model, then lead the industry into the next wave of revival。