The correct way of taking motion sickness pills motion sickness pills for children should not eat

What is the proper way of taking motion sickness pills?Many people will ride motion sickness, motion sickness will eat in order to prevent motion sickness medicine, motion sickness pills, but you know the correct way of taking it?Following small to tell you the correct way of taking motion sickness pills。 The correct way of taking motion sickness pills motion sickness pills motion sickness pills need to take in advance of oral absorption is generally faster, recommended an empty stomach half an hour before to 1 hour by car。
To shorten the drug in the stomach emptying time, the drug is absorbed in the intestine as soon as possible, so that in the car, a boat, in a timely manner when the opportunity to play the effect of the drug。 Scopolamine Patch need absorbed through the skin, slow, it should be at least 1 hour before the car。 Most motion sickness pills can be maintained for a long time, if the medication too early or too late, not drug onset time, after the car may still dizzy。
For a long trip, I recommend that you take repeated every 4-6 hours to maintain a continuous effective drug concentration in the body, to prevent motion sickness。 Children should not use motion sickness pills motion sickness pills belong immediate preventive medication can usually be purchased at pharmacies。 The hospital is not anti-motion sickness, non-prescription drugs。
Motion sickness paste sold in pharmacies, the majority were anticholinergic patch。 By long-lasting it to inhibit the central principle of anti-motion sickness。 Oral motion sickness pills mainly antihistamines。
Motion sickness pills to take the proper method biggest side effect of these two types of drugs that cause drowsiness, but will increase if excessive nausea and vomiting。 It should be noted that children imperfect development of the nervous system, drugs can easily enter the central nervous system, nervous system development will produce side effects。 It proposed to prohibit the use of children under 6 years of motion sickness pills and long-acting Scopolamine Patch。 Ginger can also relieve motion sickness easy to motion sickness should try to choose the front seat of the car, open the windows, keep the car air circulation。 Or the ginger slices, put in a moving way below the nose or smell in your mouth, can effectively prevent the feeling of nausea。
If a child can not stand spicy flavor, can be in front of the car at the navel, the temple site ginger paste, also can alleviate symptoms of motion sickness。 Once the child motion sickness occurs, parents can use the thumb pressing the Hoku children and Neiguan, let the children have a sense of pain, but do not let the children can not afford。