Bike ride so you can stovepipe effect is good

Cycling Cycling can do most of stovepipe leg movement, some people think this is a stovepipe, some people think riding a bike will make legs thicker。 So, in the end you can not ride a bike stovepipe Here it together with the small series to see the bike it can stovepipe。
Cycling can do cycling can stovepipe stovepipe!Cycling could help effectively stovepipe。 Because the process requires cyclist pedaling feet continuous motion, this can accelerate the burning of fat legs, tight leg muscles effectively, thereby helping to achieve the purpose of stovepipe。 However, you will not need to have a good way to let the legs thicker。 Cycling can not believe it would lead to stovepipe legs thicker, mainly for two reasons。 On the one hand is itself belongs to the muscular legs, cycling exercise muscles, making the muscles more obvious, it seems legs "thicken" the。
On the other hand because there is no time to relax after stretching leg exercise rider。
The right way: To ride through the stovepipe, first confirm whether his muscular legs, followed after the cycling sport, we should pay attention to the leg stretching exercises。 Cycling can do stovepipe Tips: not to say muscular legs can not ride a bike, muscular legs stovepipe can also ride a bike。
However, note that for some time before beating muscle movement, the muscle fluff, so better to lose weight。
Day, half an hour per day rider how long stovepipe!In fact, the ride was not as long as possible。 Ride for too long, the leg muscles are developed, it may seem sturdy legs。
So every day, you do not have to ride for too long, generally adhere to 30 minutes a day that is able to stovepipe。
Also, note that after the ride, gently massage the legs, the muscles relax, prevent muscle-block oh。