Development and Reform Commission [live video] A reporter asked: working out the village's revival plan next five years

Click to watch the Thirteenth National People's Congress Press Center to be held (Tuesday) 10:00 in Media Center multi-purpose hall press conference, invited the National Development and Reform Commission on March 6, He Lifeng, deputy director Zhang Yong, deputy Ning Ji Zhe, director of the Chinese and foreign reporters to answer questions on "innovation and improve macroeconomic control and promote the development of high-quality" issues。  Zhang Yong, deputy director of the NDRC said, is now working with relevant departments to develop rural revitalization plan the next five years, to determine the number of major projects。  The following is the text Record: Moderator: Reporters friends, Hello everybody morning。Welcome to the Thirteenth National People's Congress press conference, the theme of this press conference is the field of "innovation and improve macroeconomic control and promote the development of high-quality"。We are pleased to be invited to the National Development and Mr. Ning Ji Zhe Mr. Lifeng, deputy director of Mr. Zhang Yong, deputy director of the Reform Commission, to this theme will take your questions。Now start asking questions。  Xinhua News Agency correspondents: I would like to ask a question Lifeng Director。In mid-2017, China's growth rate exceeded expectations, the view that: China's economy has bottomed。May I ask, do you agree with this view?Just-released 2018 "Government Work Report" made this year, China's economic growth target is still 6.About 5%, and in 2017 it expressed exactly the same。It was suggested that this year whether it is investment, consumption and exports are still facing great uncertainty, perhaps as difficult to have a big increase last year, I ask you to look at it is how?  He Lifeng: Thank you。First of all thank the media reporter friends, our long-standing National Development and Reform Commission of the work of caring, understanding, support and help, as always, we sincerely look forward to working more attention to the development and reform, understanding, support and help。  The reporter friend the problem just mentioned, should be on China's current economic situation to see how?Premier Li Keqiang yesterday morning in the "Government Work Report," which for the past five years of work, especially in the economic work for a comprehensive review and extract a lot of experience, the current economic situation has been comprehensive and profound analysis, 2018 nine years of economic work put forward specific initiatives, I am here to share with you a little with my knowledge and experience to learn。