Dialogue before Tanabata

Tanabata is coming, he can not help but give her a text message: He:“Tuesday is the Tanabata it?”    she was:“is it?I do not remember the old calendar”。    he:“should be”。    she was:“How do you prepare too?"    he:"Hey, guess“。    she was:”Guess”。    he:“Stupid, I want to play fly over"。    she was:“Do not"。    he:“Aha, the sky can still meet people, people on the ground but the great lakes"。    she was:"Fiber cloud get clever。Look meteor mass hate, silverside span secretly"。    he:"Jinfeng Yu Lu a meet, they won numerous world”。    she was:“Gentle enough, wedding day a dream, forbearance care Magpie Bridge return!”    he:“A long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night!“    she was:”Guan poem, I do not know how many people it resonates lead。You write an article, right, hair in the mood space, write the reality is, you like it?”    he:“Write what?write‘Grass occasion Ming cricket, scared off the Indus, is earth, the sky thick worry”Meditate?Or 'In days like to make pair of lovebirds, trees with branches to the ground' oath?Or "when there forever do, sorrow was everlasting!"Sigh?"    she was:“What mood can be your true inner feelings of the people you love that you own, and so on in life, you dare to write it?”    he:"Haha, what afraid of?I ask you, China July 7 and the West February 14 What is the difference“?    she was:”The former is eternal, only the latter is a form of love“。    he:”Correct, add very。Tanabata first expression of courage, breaking the ban regulation heaven never too poor spirit world; then staying with a lifetime of faithful, honor the commitment of love, Sauvignon Blanc Zhang Xiangshou; and February 14 just talk love love, is a never ending feelings, and even can be said is short, death“。    she was:“How to say death"?    he:”February 14 Western story of men and women is not a family on the death of”。    she was:“Love has different ownership。This world, what you want is?”    he:“July seven Yeah definitely, loyal love!”    she was:“He said the lovers to get married, or separated from the shore Galaxy can spend the love of heaven and earth。Perhaps only experienced the joys and sorrows, achievements to classic stories“。    he:”After the Red in love is not a fairy tale, but not a novel, those who have pure flower of love, and sometimes exposed to wind and rain earthly, would tracts of falling quietly, landing into the mud。”    she was:“Alas, the years of the winds, how to interpret the true feelings of romantic aesthetic?How can explain the way everything is according to two?Exactly how many have been retained in the heart of the love-hate Melancholy?Exactly how deep to go accompanied by fate to sunset?”    he:“Earth where the depressive worries, Resentment fall vicissitudes heart field and landed on the eye brow。Fall seemingly effortless text”。    she was:“In fact, people are contradictory, some things after personal experience and lingering lingering in my mind, can fully realize the true meaning of them, weird smells that only you know”    he:”Then how are you going over Tanabata tomorrow?”。    she was:“As usual too”。    he:“And I do not want a lover”?    she was:“One day, I always thought I wanted a new life and want to own completely transformed, want their perfect turn”。    he:“Colorful butterflies cocoon is her flying start, your brave transformation is wonderful happy Update”。    ——After reading the above dialogue, I would say: Tanabata, her eternal farewell to the legend tells us this truth: Love——It takes courage, I love to pay, love needs care, the need for love!The need to create more!——Love also requires long-lasting patience!    Tanabata is willing to get enlightened crazy man Maid who break through the barrier!Galaxy get rid of vulgar column, go find your other half in good faith!