Florida by the gun control gun-control bill was aged NRA sued

Local time on February 28, Florida Parkland Douglas High School shootings occurred resumption of classes, students and staff return to school, a large number of police deployed to maintain law and order。
February 14, a 19-year-old gunman opened fire in the school, killed 17 people。
  The organization aims to prevent the entry into force of the new law in Florida。
National Rifle Association, said that if implemented, the law is the result of a deranged individual behavior and punish all law-abiding firearms purchasers。
  It is reported that the United States Florida Scott (Rick Scott) governor had signed a new law。
The new law increases the minimum age who have the right to hold a gun, would raise the threshold to not less than 21 years old; the Act also provides that Florida school staff in the future will be allowed to carry guns to intimidate role play。   New legislation is a response to a shooting incident last month in Parkland (Parkland) occurs to make。
A 19-year-old youth in a local high school and killed a total of 17 people, including many students。 Gunman is a legitimate weapon of the crime purchased。
  US shootings continue。 Local time on March 9, a California "veteran House" shooting incident, resulting in four people were killed (three gunmen and hostages)。
Gunmen also a veteran, he had received post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment in the Veterans Home。