What to eat can treat uterine fibroids diet should pay attention to postoperative

What can eat what uterine fibroids treatment of uterine fibroids is a common gynecological diseases, have a great impact on women's health, if not properly treated, even cancer occurs, life-threatening patient safety。
Uterine fibroids the patient's daily diet can alleviate the condition, diet after surgery but also to be careful。 So, what to eat can treat uterine fibroids after eating what it needs to pay attention to it a look at it。 Treatment of uterine fibroids can eat 1, two sheets Kocse soup Xianou 120, 120 Kocse chopped fresh Chine, when the tea water broth。 Efficacy: Yin cooling, Stasis hemostatic。 Eliminate fibroids, suitable volume, blood type thermal deposition resistance。 2, arrowroot flour soup Tremella eliminate fibroids, Tremella 25 g, 10 g lotus root starch, crystal sugar, the white fungus bubble Dunlan add appropriate amount of sugar, the blunt Oufen。
Efficacy: There is heat and moistening bleeding effect。
Appropriate volume, blood red person。
3, Xiaoliu eat egg 2 can treat uterine fibroids, Gecko 5, Curcuma 9 grams eliminate uterine fibroids, water was added 400 g boiled, peeling cook until cooked eggs, egg discarded food and medicine, night 1 second。 Efficacy: Sanjie pain, chills and shock。
Eliminate uterine fibroids, qi stagnation blood stasis type suitable。