Comments: wearing new shoes "comprehensive network" do not go "comprehensive power" formula

  And comprehensive network surging trend in stark contrast, is a veteran entertainment industry – the popular television variety show gradually decline: once popular "China's new song," "ultimate challenge" and other programs of the new season repercussions are relatively flat, and then no it used to be a high degree of attention; high hopes of making a new party program "restaurant", "seventy odd two-story building" and have also suffered a dilemma – some accused of plagiarism, and some poor reputation。 Although it is such a grad of the situation, but after all, "The waves pushed forward waves" is the normal development of things, always new force to catch up with the old, and therefore the rise of its comprehensive network of comprehensive electric counter-attack It is still regarded as a good thing to look forward to。
  But the situation is excellent, but there are some worrying phenomenon, budding comprehensive network a few years ago seems to repeat comprehensive electrical Big Brother detours。 From about 2012, 2013, with the "Voice of China", "Where is my father go," "I am a singer," "Hurry Up, Brother" and other ratings and reputation win popular programs are emerging, Chinese TV variety show development of copyright by means of the introduction of foreign high-quality localization transformation into the new form and a new climax。 But the industry and the majority of the audience happy about not long, there are a large number of followers flocked accustomed to follow the trend of speculation, a variety of time "good voice", "singer", "will sing" everywhere, parenting classes and athletics class of reality show star is everywhere, quickly pour people's appetite。
  The biggest problem is that these programs are serious homogeneity, producers'd hesitate costs, they are all high investment, big production, but unfortunately the money is spent on basic competing luxury star cast, not to Plow, such as a build-up cutting-edge creative teams to actively explore new content, new forms。
Last year, "China has a hip-hop" was able to get unexpected success lies in the unique way to put the spotlight on the hip-hop music in this country has been somewhat niche subculture, but not squeezed into the already overcrowded class of popular music program to grab the cake。
  However, as the leader of the open atmosphere of the first year of the "Voice of China" and so on, as time always fleeting thriving。 "China has a hip-hop" producer Fang Aiqi Arts degree hot last year advertised in advance, announced that this year will create a file with the hip-hop belong to the minority type of hip-hop type of program。
I do not want to, but all the major video sites took aim at the popular: Before iQIYI of "blood hip-hop group" has not yet appeared, Youku "This!Hip-hop is "already on the first line, Tencent video" Dancer 24 "is also intense preparations。
Behind these video sites have Internet giant Alibaba such backing, the money burned more comprehensive than the electric generous nature。 Reportedly invested tens of dance class program files are about 300 million yuan, also invited to the Xi Yi smelt one thousand, Luhan stars such as traffic, high costs and the lineup of Howe have made TV look and concept only。   Unfortunately, these alone have been unable to conquer see the big parade of the audience, "This!Hip-hop is "the first shot in 2018 as a dance class program, did not want to win the opener had come into。 Data show that the program from February 24 on the line so far, the first two players amount in over a week before to break billion, "China has a hip-hop" on the line only four hours to break million in performance to many deserted。
It is conceivable, when several files in succession followed much the same program, viewers still have much interest in it?Not the vision to lead the trend, only know how to get together on a ready-made squeeze single-plank bridge, the decline of television variety has proven that being the case。 So just wanted to remind the emerging network of comprehensive producers who, we do not short of money and in a highly competitive market, the fight is no longer the capital, the only way out is the individuality and innovation。
  Text / reporter Cui Wei。