What common sense diet regimen teach you healthy

Our different nutrients the human body needs a variety of foods that we eat in everyday life supplied, this spring season, we can choose a variety of foods consumed exchange, so as to ensure that we achieve the body needs nutrition a balance。At the same time, modern people eat too much because the fine grain, always found B vitamin deficiency phenomenon, where appropriate suggest that you add coarse grains, such as mountain Noodle, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, etc.。Eat more fruits and vegetables, the body needs nutrients can be provided by our fruits, many people are seeking a slim figure, then the fruit is also to meet the requirements of people do not eat fat。
While the intake of fruits and vegetables, can be accompanied by fresh wild。
Green and yellow toon scrambled eggs, clear message of green onion tofu, savory, seductive, but also more conducive to healthy eating。
Rich in protein, fat animal foods should be moderate intake can lead to excessive fat intake increases。
Meanwhile animal liver, such as liver, chicken liver, etc., rich in zinc, iron and vitamin A, can often eat。Diet to restore the spring need to eat more soy products we all know that we need amino acids the human body, but we also need iron, phosphorus, calcium and minerals, it is a good soy foods, soy products while there has not cholesterol, so a lot of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar in these patients who can eat more soy foods。What common sense diet food light-based, keep in mind that eating a small amount of oil and salt。
As little as possible when cooking oil, salt, light diet is more beneficial to health。
Three meals a day to make reasonable arrangements。Nutritionally adequate breakfast, not only to eat every day, and should eat, eat。
Lunch can not make do, this is the most important period of one day nutrition intake, dinner can be fruit-based, do not eat too much。More exercise, even if it is temporary half will walk。Do regular exercise, lots of other good。
Increase heart and lung function, while controlling calorie intake; help to improve the body, helping to eliminate tension and mental stress, etc.。