Beijing starting this year, heavy pollution orange warning on Wednesday, the cold air will drive haze

  Yesterday (29th) 10:00, heavy air pollution in Beijing announced that the city's emergency command heavy air pollution alert from yellow to orange upgrade。
This is since the "Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan" revision of March 31 this year, for the first time to start the orange alert level, is this year's first heavy air pollution orange warning。
Zhou Sanling morning, by the strong cold air, the air quality in the city is expected to be converted to a level of excellence。
  □ release six districts of the city soared more than seven times a night "ferocious" it is one of the characteristics of the pollution process。 According to the Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center analysis, the pollution process and mid-November, continuous pollution process different, although better visibility on the senses, but the pollution process faster, quickly rose to the heavily polluting state。   Monitoring shows that at 4:00 p.m. on the 26th, only six districts of Beijing 24 micrograms / cubic meter, is still at an excellent level, air quality is also relatively poor southwestern only 43 micrograms / cubic meter, in two good grade level。 In the evening forecast Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, the anticipation of the 27th air quality is at 2?Level 3, good to slight contamination, the 28th is only four moderately polluted。   But the rate of increase in the pollution concentration process has significantly exceeded expectations。 Monitoring display 27 as early as 8:00, the concentration of six city area has reached 198 mg / m (more than 150 micrograms / cubic meter heavily polluted 5), southeastern most polluted reached 257 mg / m (over 250 micrograms / cubic meter for the six serious pollution)。 Overnight, the city six districts concentration soared more than sevenfold。   At 14:00 on the 27th, Beijing's heavy air pollution emergency command Office issued severe air pollution yellow warning: expect the next two days will continue to heavily polluted state, but 29th in the afternoon by the cold air, the air quality will be improved。
Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center on forecast of 16:00 in the same day, November 28-December 1 heavy pollution will continue, but 29 is a trough of this contamination process, forecast for the four moderately polluted, other 3 are heavily polluted。   Today and tomorrow will continue to heavily polluting yesterday morning, the air quality in Beijing and the northern city remained severe pollution levels, severe pollution in the southern region。 The effect of the afternoon, the impact of weak cold air previews, but due to the high pressure system is weak, limited sphere of influence, to further increase the concentration difference between north and south。   Yesterday, 16:00, northwest of concentration has dropped to 39 micrograms / cubic meter, good level of grade 2; the city six districts concentration 172 micrograms / cubic meter, concentration decreased, but still in the five heavily polluted level; southwest 334 micrograms / cubic meter, is maintained at six serious pollution levels differ north-south "level 4"。   Yesterday, 10:00, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency command upgrade heavy air pollution issued an orange alert, but this time from Beijing to start heavy pollution yellow warning has been 44 hours。 According to reports, emergency measures on the basis of yellow orange alert warning measures, an increase of some major industrial enterprises have ceased to limit production, construction debris and sediment transport and other heavy vehicles prohibited on the road, etc.。
  Expected, adversely affected by the weather conditions of high humidity, strong temperature inversion, weak wind speed, today and tomorrow will remain heavily polluted Beijing。 Since early morning of December 2, 2009, by the strong cold air, the city's air quality will be converted to a level of excellence。   □ doubts why not start red warning?  Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau: Upgrading red alert condition does not have to revise the release of "Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan" according to March of this year, when the predicted heavy air pollution will last two days (48 hours), should start yellow warning; predicted air heavy pollution to last three days (72 hours), orange warning should start; heavy air pollution prediction will last more than 3 days (72 hours), the red warning should start。
The heavy pollution process has reached red alert starting threshold?Why not start red warning?Yesterday, the City Environmental Protection Bureau Director Wang Bin Emergency Department to respond。   Wang Bin said, November 27, Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center on air quality trends are judged, 29, is expected to diffuse the conditions will be better, not up to heavy pollution levels。 Thus, according to the corresponding condition starting city heavy contamination warning yellow。
28, the monitoring center judged again, to confirm that on the 29th afternoon evening air quality improved, all-day overall air quality is moderate to heavy contamination, but heavy pollution will continue today and tomorrow, so heavily polluted city air time to upgrade the emergency command warning measures, start heavy air pollution orange warning。 Taking into account December 2, the city's air quality will be completely improved, and therefore do not have already upgraded to red alert conditions。   Wang Bin said, in fact, a lot of orange alert has been included mandatory reduction measures, including the city stop earthwork, building demolition, concrete pouring, construction waste and sediment transport, spray paint and other construction work; on industrial enterprises stop production limited production measures, as long as earnestly implement, as great efforts to reduce emissions。   At the same time the relative red alert will be implemented when starting the vehicle odd and even number lines, schools closed, the orange warning to people's daily lives affect smaller, "We hope they will do a good job of self-protection, while actively practice green living, reduce pollution, monitoring environmental violations, the purpose of this warning is attained "。   Whether heavy pollution should be initiated high-level warning?  Environmental experts: the production life interferences should be cautious start since October 2013, Beijing began the trial "Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan (Trial)", the end of March 2015, "Beijing's heavy air pollution emergency plan" released。
But whether it is a trial, "predict the future for three days appear serious pollution", or the new revised plan specified in the plan set in "air quality forecast heavy pollution will last more than 72 hours", Beijing has yet to start over the level of plan。
  "At the launch red alert, or should be more prudent。 "China Environmental Science Research vice president of Chai CDCC said, because the emergency measures corresponding to the start red warning, in addition to limiting the production of industrial enterprises to stop the expansion of the scope, also including the implementation of motor vehicle odd and even numbers traveling by bus to stop at primary and secondary schools suspension of classes and other initiatives, and these initiatives to normal production and life interference society is quite large。
  Chai CDCC that since the establishment of the plan, set the threshold, then in predicting achieve this level of contamination, or should start as required。 "Of course, at this level of predictive power and largely environmental protection department of the relevant air quality forecast"。
  It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center will provide general daily air quality levels approaching four-day forecast, and accurate forecasting only partition that night and the next day。 An environmental expert said yesterday that, for more than three days or even longer-term air quality forecasting and early warning is a world problem。
  Are more times to start red warning, the more reasonable plans?Chai CDCC representation is not the case。 He said each set of heavy air pollution emergency plan, should according to local air quality levels, as well as some local reality, not the more the more reasonable number of starts warning。 "If the threshold is too low, it overestimated local air quality levels, which led to frequent warning to start, will inevitably bring about interference with normal production and life, and have lost the 'emergency' intention。 "According to previous analysis Municipal Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, in accordance with the plans of the threshold of a new start, if you take in 2014 to assess the pollution, in line with the red warning conditions have started about three times the number of days from the point of view, about a year down about 10 days。   It is understood that for the red, orange high alert level, the new "plan" on how it started, who will start there are strict requirements。
According to reports, heavy air pollution warning issued by the municipal emergency and the release Commission, the Municipal heavy air pollution is responsible for emergency headquarters issued a directive。 The red warning approved by the municipal emergency committee director, heavy air pollution orange alert municipal emergency headquarters commander approved。 It is understood that the Beijing Municipal Emergency Committee chairmen mayor Wang Anshun, City of heavy air pollution emergency headquarters commander chaired by Deputy Mayor Li Shi details。
  >>City of Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding 31-related severe pollution yesterday, informed the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as of yesterday morning, the city of Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding 31 had severe pollution and more。
  Environmental Monitoring Division of Environmental Protection, said Luo Yi, November 28, in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas, there are 23 urban air quality and more severe pollution。
As of 8:29 days, and the surrounding areas of Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Baoding, Hengshui, Yangquan, Xinzhou, Texas, Liaocheng, Heze and Shangqiu total of 10 heavily polluted urban air quality, Beijing, Tianjin, Handan, Cangzhou and Langfang 21 urban air quality heavy pollution。   Expected December 2, by the strong cold air, atmospheric dispersion conditions gradually improved, the process will end pollution。 3 to 4 December, continued favorable atmospheric dispersion conditions, and the surrounding areas of Beijing, Tianjin air quality is generally excellent main。
  6. The provisions violate plans for air units were heavily contaminated after exposure orange warning issued, the city's environmental monitoring system to strengthen law enforcement forces, urban management and other departments to carry out a joint inspection, the city's law enforcement officers were deployed 415 times, check 524 times。
By the presence of some units to be exposed violations。   Daxing District of Beijing Anda Shu Mei Furniture Co., Ltd., Haidian District, Beijing Urban Construction Co., nine concrete, Chaoyang District, Beijing Fu Peng concrete limited liability company did not seek to stop production; Changping District town municipal road reconstruction project site dust; Tongzhou District of Beijing Urban and Rural construction Group Co., Ltd. mound uncovered the site did not seek suspension; Shanxi construction Engineering Fengtai District (Group) Corporation and justice Cyril commercial supporting the project site is not shut down。   ■ Links · orange alert emergency measures ◆ compulsory emergency measures on the basis of regular jobs, to increase focus on road sweeping and cleaning more than once a day, reducing traffic dust pollution。   Stop earthwork, building demolition, concrete pouring, construction waste and sediment transport, spray paint and other construction work; on the construction site, bare ground, stockpiling and other places to take dust control measures。   Heavy air pollution in accordance with orange industrial enterprises stop production limited production during the early warning list, the implementation of measures to limit production shutdown。   Construction waste and muck truck, tanker concrete, gravel trucks and other heavy vehicles prohibited on the road。   Prohibit fireworks and open-air barbecue。
  ◆ suggestive emergency measures to schools, kindergartens stop outdoor activities。   Public maximum use of public transport trips, reduce vehicle on the road; turn off when parking in a timely manner, reducing vehicle idling time place。
  Sewage units to take further measures to reduce pollutant emissions。
(Reporter Wang Shuo) Original title: starting this year, heavy air pollution orange warning Editor: Hou Xingchuan。