Cervical erosion can do self-healing of cervical erosion diet

Can heal you, when it comes to cervical erosion, presumably the majority of female friends are not strange, because it is very susceptible to female friends, then cervical erosion can heal you today and 6681 Xiaobian to see cervical erosion can heal do it!Cervical erosion can heal it after suffering from cervical erosion disease, so the disease is also a need to understand the various aspects, so that at the time of treatment, so you know what to choose the best method for cervical cervical erosion can heal you erosion is a phenomenon of chronic cervicitis, showing around the cervix bright red or pink spots。 Chronic cervicitis occurred in married women, but unmarried asexual life history were also occur。 Where erosion area accounts for 1/3 of the total area of the cervix were mild cervical erosion。 So many women are not laissez-faire treatment, then they can heal mild cervical erosion experts pointed out that under normal circumstances would not heal the disease, so patients should be aggressive screening and treatment。 Women suffering from mild cervical erosion often appear abnormal vaginal discharge phenomenon, which refers to the erosion cervix squamous epithelium, play and replaced by another epithelial, and this epithelial tissue is very thin, you can even see the cervix the following organizations mouth。 Cervical erosion mild cervical erosion can heal it name implies it is solid symptoms of cervical erosion in lighter grades, although the level of light, but that does not mean to harm the patient's health can be ignored, if not treated for the disease health effects of patients is very large。
Patients with mild cervical erosion will be increased vaginal discharge, such as yellow, pus or odor symptoms, serious impact on the lives of women and work。 If not timely and effective treatment of the disease will lead to the development of persistent moderate cervical erosion, severe cervical erosion, causing more damage。