Meridian barrier performance got nothing to fill with six kinds of meridian barrier

Current Location: meridian barrier body got nothing up with six meridian barrier performance 2018-3-1511: 4:18 Source: REVIEW: Chinese medicine, "General non-pain, pain is not" if our meridian barrier, will there was a series of ailments performance, and even if you do not fix big role!If meridian barrier, which will show in the end it?Together look……Only "Earth" warmer, rivers of ice, thawing land, the river will be smooth, the land will be soft, breathable。
Our body is the same, as long as the body weight alpine, the body all the pipes will be due to cold and contraction, muscle tissue in the body will freeze and harden。 Then treatments as acupuncture, massage, massage and other diseases have little effect on the treatment, but only temporarily alleviate the recurrence rate is very high。 Encountered such cases, it is necessary for the body to heat up at the same time learn, ranked alpine skills to make full thaw in the body, a variety of pipeline natural flow。 2, kidney gently through double helix hand fist with the thumb, the index finger back and forth friction push down along the helix 1 minute, until the helix congestive fever。
Chinese medicine essence body organs have to pay to save the collection after renal, kidney opens into the ear, covered with body acupuncture points on the ear, the ear massage can not only Jianshen, but also to open up the body acupuncture points。 3, after the circulation of blood to promote hair pillow, a "hair" from both sides of the temporal portion to the head with a comb or fingers from the front of the forehead, each time 50?100 times to early morning is the best hair。
The human body meridians converge at the head, to go through the eyebrow hair when the red, sky, Baihui, Yin-Tang, jade pillow, the wind pool, nearly 50 points, these acupuncture points as acupuncture stimulation, can promote head blood flow and clear the meridians。
4, acupuncture massage acupuncture and massage can help get through twelve meridians Renduermo。 Ancient health experts believe, it can be used as an important measure to clear the meridians regimen, and the easiest way is always exciting, massage, acupuncture three important points that is Hoku, Neiguan and Zusanli。 Hoku can prevent disease face and facial areas, Neiguan help combat heart disease, Zusanli digestive system is especially effective in preventing the disease most organs。