Five US retail bank deposit accounts grew fast

.ct_hqimg .to_page a: link {padding-left: 8 pixels;} See the latest market Citi latest real-time quotes News Research institutions holding financial information industry clients banking stocks market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, a study warrants real-time quotes released Monday, five US retail banking since 2010, added 25 million deposit accounts, which indicates that the credit crisis, although the lack of public trust in banks, but banking business continues to grow。  Policy Center research group parties (bipartisan Policy Center) said that these big banks and ATMs more popular large branch network, is one of the reasons to attract customers。  Personal finance site Bankrate.Analysts COM McBride (Greg McBride) said: "The focus is convenience。People move to change the idea of a financial institution, with them actually do, as well as the distance between the two。"Research shows that US Bancorp (Bancorp) is added 4.7 million deposit accounts since 2010, an increase of 40%。Citigroup (Citi) increased by 36%, adding 8.6 million deposit accounts。  Including the addition of three retail banks Bank of America (Bank of America), JP Morgan Chase (JP Morgan Chase & CO) and Wells Fargo (Wells Fargo), including the five major retail bank added a total of 25 million deposit accounts, an increase of 11%。  Research report, this growth is entirely organic growth, did not involve mergers and acquisitions during the due。  Critics still believe that most large banks low cost of capital, due to the market that the government will never let them go bankrupt。(End) compile: interbedded SOURCE: Wang Chen (Source: Reuters Chinese network)