Home-cooked meal

In this restaurant, he met her。When they are college students, he is this restaurant waiter, she will come here on weekends cup of coffee and a crab, then sitting in a window where a man quietly looking at the book。He looked at her in a daze sometimes, sets and the sun shone on her through the glass, it looked very soft。He thought perhaps he would like her。  He and she was waiting to eat at that restaurant, he suddenly asked:“If a person would like for you——Do you like all food, do you marry him?”  “of course.of course。But now I'm starving, hurry, oh!”She readily agreed, and urge him to let down the waiter。  He hinted at the waiter, waiter slowly push to the dining car parked around them, the dining car are at this point she had had to eat their favorite foods。She was a little surprised,“Hey, let's not much point。”  He took a ring from inside the dining car, down on one knee。“If that person is me, will you?”She had visions of his and her romantic marriage proposal scene。However, the happiness come as a surprise, she was at a loss。Cover your mouth, happy to cry。  “The cars are his cook food for you to do, to marry him!He married you will be very happy。”  At this time, dine people to join this happy marriage proposal, the restaurant is“To marry him”the sound of。He was looking forward to, she said with tears:“I am willing to!”He gently as she put on the ring, the two cried together。Suddenly, the restaurant came the waves of applause and cheers of happiness。  In this way a romantic marriage proposal, he met her end of the decade love love life。In their mutual friends and family blessings and vows of love, into marriage。  Work, and co-workers get together to find a place of entertainment at night, he was a bit sorry to say:“Sorry, I had to go home to cook tonight, my wife waiting。”Pick up the bags already prepared to depart。“Good man, eat what is going to do tonight?How do we go?”,“Yeah envy!If I have such a husband, who Xiahun with you?”Office of boos, he always laughed off the question hurried away。  Supermarkets, kitchen became his main living section。In the morning, get up early to prepare breakfast and their lunch back to the company; at night, do twenty-three dishes waiting for her to go home。After dinner, she took the initiative and he was scrambling to wash dishes。“His wife you break down, a trivial matter how old you are in trouble。Five minutes to get rid of all my, GAMEOVER!”,“My wife, I come。I want to die for the sake of the future of his son。That's the man to take the initiative to do housework, do housework。Family happiness index was high, I have to set an example。Oh, I like myself!”And other words to that effect。She smiled and leaned against the kitchen door, watching him methodically finishing kitchen washing dishes。She remembered her colleagues have said,“After marriage, the daily necessities of these things will be very easy to let the girl become a typical housekeeping woman, work to earn money to take care of his family, cooking and cleaning, etc.。Blame her husband hurt himself, did not blame her husband skill, complain complain that this three-year-old to become Jour, do you still feel happy?You will be different, he went so far as you cook and become your marriage vows, you really happy。We have only envy。”She always had a urge to cry, she felt happy that simple。  Occasionally, he will participate in an important dinner party, he called to tell her:“Dinner you have to do a good job, there is a party in the evening, my time to go home before eleven.。”She always some little touches, but also that he is very hard。She had several times told him: If there is a party, you do not give her dinner, just eat their own home out on it。He is still doing。Sometimes she told him that the party will be a massage:“My husband does not come home for dinner, there is a party in the evening。”He can eat a bowl of noodles or a bowl of chaos in the stall, and then go home very much love to play live football on several waiting for her to go home。  He looked at the date, her special time is coming。He began talking to her:“James allowed cold water, not allowed to drink cold drinks, keep warm。”,“Work can not be tired, and if do not want to not go to work, let's not bad money。”She was like a little girl listening to his words。Dinner is in accordance with those women he specialized health books do。Beef stew, chicken soup, fried carrots, red dates, black bean porridge。He always said:“His wife, this time I'll follow you to enjoy the delicious food under。This is a good day, oh!”Some Kuiyi her heart, because those meals are light, but he is a northerner。  Day so live day by day。He feels that he is happy, and his beloved girl can marry, can do everything she wants to do for his beloved girl。He knew that she gave him the opportunity, so he efforts。However, over time, he could not get on a little。Not love light, she is not good enough for him, not his heart changed。But life is too dull, and he seemed to have lost some courage to persist。In fact, she felt she had to tell him the truth。  One day, late at night, he had not returned, she gave him a call, there are cries of blind sound, she anxiously fidgeting in the living room, she worried the verge of tears。Suddenly, a voice came upstairs, she knew it was him, hastily opened the door, opened the door to see him like some panic, because he was drunk, she first saw him drunk appearance, she hurried to help his home。He slumped on the sofa, disheveled, dress exudes a pungent odor of alcohol。She really did not know what to do。Anxious crying and asked:“How you drink like this?You do not have promised you I do not drink drunk?”He suddenly shouted up,“I like it?I would like you drunk?Because our vows, because my pledge to you。They say what count oath, vows to prove a thing, it is a cup and then drink a glass of wine that represents the oath, jokes, silly jokes。In fact, I really could not get some oath of yours。I want to give yourself a reason to insist, want their feelings under anesthesia。Give yourself a better reason。However, I did not use……I'm really tired。”He finished on the couch asleep, leaving her alone where to weep。  In fact, she was worried that things still to come。  Morning, he did not do as before breakfast, told her to get up, go to work with her to dinner together。He left a note in a hurry to go。When she got up to go to work time has passed, no previous breakfast on the living room table, I did not ask her to get up whistle。See the note, her tears dripping on a piece of paper dolphin。  “I'm sorry, I think we need to be quiet。”  So they started a cold war marriage。She gave him wash clothes soiled the drunk, he was a bit unexpected。However, their family seems to have become just a place to sleep, he slept in the living room, she slept in the bedroom。He needs quiet time, she gave him time。  One afternoon, he took the initiative to get together with colleagues at night to entertainment。“Good man, how recently?I do not go home to cook?”,“Perhaps a long time, did not feel the chant。”Colleagues guessed a few words。His phone suddenly rang, she sent him a text message:“Home for dinner!”He was stunned not know what that means。“Can not go to the bar, my wife let you go home for dinner, is not it?”He stammered:“No, weather forecast。Go, my treat today go to play。”Close the phone, along with everyone leave。  Late at night, he was a bit tipsy home。She had to sleep, he broke the door, the living room lights still on。From their cold war began, she left him with his home living room lights, etc.。He changed his shoes, looked up and saw a table arrayed with food on the table, are his favorite: tomato scrambled eggs, homemade tofu, braised pork ribs, sweet and sour carp, as well as an envelope。He was a bit surprised, gently open the envelope。  “Honey, thank you!Thank you for your vows!I was happy, because you are willing to do so many things for me。But, you know?Every time I see you so earnestly doing everything for me, I will secretly shed tears because of happiness, sadness because, as distressed。I want to tell you, do not be a burden to yourself, please?You said the oath I have in mind, I am very satisfied, really。I solemnly tell you: I will also cook laundry, are willing to do what you want to do for you, before you did not give me a chance, this time I gave myself a chance。Food cold and not very tasty, I hope you do not laugh, oh!”  He's also a trickle of tears dripped onto stationery, pick up the chopsticks gobbled up food although cold, but he felt very warm heart。  Morning, make breakfast he ran into the bedroom, picked up the place for a long time whistle。A loud whistle, she woke up。He was lying on the bed,“Wife, please Dining。”She froze under God, two people hugging laugh,“His wife, what to eat dinner?Waiter ready and able。”  “Ah, waiter, would you like me to go to the supermarket you?”  ……  Zhang Xiang 2012.3.8 Postscript: write this novel, it is to write down their expectations of love。I would like‘he’So in love with your future。