Chrysanthemum lonely

Lying on a white Chrysanthemum in a rock collapse at any time possible, not beautiful, not pretty, not incense!People passing by would see her in a good mood, feeling tired to destroy it and that leaves swaying to the days of white petals stand…, To wind and rain, cold, year after year, without those devastated she would be like loneliness?  Cry, not terrible, terrible is no longer crying mood to laugh; laugh, not very long, because I want to know the intentions of wild chrysanthemum that time was looking at the sky?There was no time against their will?  Wild chrysanthemum, to fend for themselves in the wilderness of rocks, the warm weather to the point when he opened a large flower a little as the answer, do not give warmth to wait for the next spring sprout again reborn; he was born here not selectable, so she can do is to adapt to the harsh environment, but I would like to ask who she was left behind End of the World?Such a brave little girl, so lonely little girl, her life really lonely set yet?If someone will definitely like her in other circumstances, at least not now brown face!  Why would increasingly ugly duckling?Why all the same do not like him, even he grew up, too, ugly duckling white swan bird will appear in the fairy tale it?Even the ugly duckling own father and mother, brother and sister do not like him, did not even recognize him, even loved ones do not love him also how hungry outsiders love?This is a both funny how sad thing ah?Say good and evil coming to an end eventually reported, then God will give it fair, I have been telling friends who are everywhere in this world filled with love, even if you are a man, you still are loved, loved by God!Every wild chrysanthemum flower will face against the sky, on the one hand is warm, you can pray a little longer, one is looking, when we do not know what they did wrong time can only be helpless looking up at the sky, hoping to get an answer, wild daisy in the end doing something wrong?In the end I did something wrong?  Chrysanthemum very strong because she wanted to prove myself, I can live well!Wind and rain destroyed, Big Chill little cold, cold summer, once worn leather and so grow again next year.What these operators?Chrysanthemum life is that right?Year, sprout in the spring, summer, grilled, autumn flowering, winter freeze to death?Some people like passing the time whether wild chrysanthemum will be aborted have to see the mood of those passers-by, perhaps every time she saw a passer-time will be turned away at him, though not charming face, still want to own smile to win tickets to live their own volume every time a bet of luck and fate, but the referee is always passers-by, no matter what is wild chrysanthemum lose her only win is to get a ticket roll life!  I think how lonely Without these wild chrysanthemum that have devastated?  She also has her dream, she hopes that one day he can try to be holding in her hand man of feeling, even if only that were taken from Ji Mu matter of minutes!Perhaps in her view, that is a worthy death, but also a precious!  Chrysanthemum lonely, just like the winter wind chimes children, then how to compose a swing are desolate cold; not seen her in person would want the same like her camellias, daffodils will be like the same appreciation for her, but when you see her when you have other types of hand is extended to another flowerpot.It’s not her fault, not your fault, no one wrong, if you really want the wrong time it must be wrong, she should not have come here!  Chrysanthemum lonely, just like the winter has not had time locked doors, no warm room when loud creak when the cold wind blowing, doomed forever miserable!  If you can, I wish I could be a sunflowers, specially open for her, if you want to choose a season, I am willing to late at night in the big Xue Piaopiao, the lowest temperature at the time!But I am also not beautiful is not beautiful flower chrysanthemum!No one hurt unloved!  If there is more warmth to the wild chrysanthemum, at least she does not think she is the only luxury devastated happiness!