Consider this life, such as sand Half a misty rain also

Love in a dream, do not sleep without a break…    Say relentless wind and rain, the home of the rain always so deep friendship, linger, but today only to find that once the rainy season, already in the memory of the dust, and catch out of reach.Living in the field, no goal, seems to have no future, in my world, the future should always come.Special season, there is always a special story, like Qingsi lingering rainy season, in the fingertips, in the depths of the soul is always left to hide in Tibet, can not remember, can not forget…    Memory, Anhui most annoying thing is that the rain, and even though I like the rain.Day and night, face every day, opened the door every day looking at the blue sky through the curtain like, for several months are everywhere gray, like a cloud of cigarette smoke, rain, such as silk…Some people will always use the most beautiful language to describe rain south because the south is beautiful, I have always liked the south, like the West, pregnant with beauty, like a jasper, I flattered by the beauty of West Lake.Just to think of home today, that “beautiful but Anhui ‘home, that white swing Pan Lake, lotus seed head boat, floating in the side, is the memory or dust…    Rain, fog, as if returned to the dreaming, every night worried about the home.    Even the bamboo reed park, piedmont of that family in Hushan, solitary fall but beautiful, like that in bamboo lettering, like the juvenile dig bamboo shoots, always doing unrealistic dream, with the advent of the rainy season, memory in the United States and the sword in the heart.Everything seemed yesterday, especially in the memory of the teenage years, there is always the shadow of bamboo, like green, like bamboo immaculate, green flower shame, but in the rainy season, bamboo is draped head, listless, like Like me, especially during the rainy season is always depressed, the mood is always good nor bad, but years of time, I have been accustomed to find that, gradually accepted the fact that the rainy season there is rainy season the way…This is the south is home, people both love and pity.    Rain earliest memories is junior high school, but nostalgia is naturally very sorry for time, it is a song of love cycling and age, full of speed and passion, feisty, but a lot more naive, that is, since then I learned not only sing songs, learn to cherish something, someone to cherish, but understand some thing, some people will always be missed because of regret when some things those people, already drifting away, far away I want to give up also had to give up.At that time the tape drive, always very popular, the happiest thing is to have their hands out a new tape or CD, but I was like, holding a headset, astride a bicycle in a continuous drizzle, on the newly paved asphalt road, to and fro, against the background of the rain is always so beautiful, combined with visual and auditory always linger, there is always a feeling of rain fell non-stick skirts, enjoying the people both love and hate the rain, every time, all eyes wet, like crying, but also seems to rain…I really hope that song, that way, that dream will last forever, this life will become so old, around the clock, through this time, just like when I came, silent, silent rain falls…    At that time, we need to get up early every day, ride to the town center to go to school, come back at night is the gray one, a lot of time there will be an illusion, can not distinguish night and day, this is the power of the rain, the southern rain, always full mysterious, difficult to fathom…I am not a good boy, I like people do not like something, most feeling something is their car, and that a pair of headphones, a collection of CD, there are those who turn themselves many times novels, over and over again, patiently, sometimes find themselves turned in not a book, go back to hang around, go back in time, I will not leave too many traces, I was in that life on the road stray lamb, always can not learn well take care of yourself, take care of people around him, used to be so, after or so, the only difference is that your life and more time is like rain, this night without sleep is hate, this life does not change is the worry, like rain erratic, where is the return, or from the time I set foot on life since there will never return, it is destined to drift…    I’m still me, still the only complain, only filled with rebellious teenagers, looks nasty looks, filled with cool look, juvenile delinquent days, but these are not important.Nothing in my heart, sad people take away, take away depressed people only learn that a person looking for a dark corner, licking his own broken heart, all the pain and suffering, was crushed at this time tomorrow there is sunshine, but then I did not understand that tomorrow is not a starting point, but never today is the end…This is the nature of the magic of it will only make me blindly looking at tomorrow, life is like rain, rain drifting that is brilliant, there will not be sorry, my time is not the end, I do not have the heart to no end seen in his own powerlessness, which is the rain, this is a dream green cliff, then bend solitary, no appreciation, do not need a cigarette Suiyu, only happy one second, I would be sunny…If there is anything in this world let me hang around, is the rain and the moon, like the lonely dark night of the month, which is strange southern ah!Sometimes too much rain would be annoying, but no rain days will make people unlimited depressed, sometimes in the evening there will be a moon, remember very clear then month, bright, does not seem too much rain precipitation night beautiful…    Anhui rain, full of fantasy, many days, learn not quiet, no noise no trouble, just like hair with endless stay, continue to think and forget, constantly persistent yet to give up their own, even if the years change old, passage of time, there will not be bright time, in the corner of the fingertips, the school will not lay down, learning will not leave marks on white paper like the most beautiful way, even if it had already ceased to exist, smoke dream , Yula dream, even if the road is traveled a lot, but ultimately wasted, Yula bright red peach, living under the rain, falling is no longer a ruthless, leaves no longer rootless, ruthless if not falling, The youth did with the pain, even if the time does not heal it, a certain period, she has been imprinted in the heart, bearing in mind that this life…The memory on yesterday, so today I can no longer see, the way of life needs new life, like the rainy season peach, peach house, always in full bloom in the spring, and then left, the wisp of style to an extreme attitude, maybe we have not forgotten what it was yesterday, what we should guard the dedication, what will allow us to leave is no longer in the spring of martyrs, for us, it is another of the martyrs, like that Wei Liang said the youth leave the War of the children, not just their own decided not to go back, because tomorrow, as a last resort, because the family, because of the wonderful years, because it is no substitute for youth and the cool, misty rain living in the world, the ups and downs I do not think this is fate, I feel this is my life, I like beautiful, like the chatter mind, listening to the sound of rain, rain breathing air…    Some people also complained about the dim misty rain, especially with rain in the southern night, although it can not listen to the best of autumn melancholy, naturally, did not sparse autumn depression, loneliness melancholy of autumn Indus Yela time, rain can be used to describe the earnest whisper, there is no sparse rain, leaving only endless source of fascination, every day rain sleep at night always looked like this sleepless night, bringing life, Yula life, but perseverance to hang around, the feeling of being surrounded quilt, loaded with happiness , good warm so comfortable, I knew it was a dream, not sleep without a break…But the only regret is always to get up early every morning, it is bound to be incomplete spring, spring youth and always has a beautiful and pity Contact…I will not forget, but it will bear in mind, a mind worry Millennium…Every day in the morning tangled or not to get on a bike, that way, already know by heart, rain wheels always look special, sparse ringing in one hand and an umbrella in one hand and the front, then at school on the road, driving skills is no difference, all the way to skyrocket, sweeping rear wheel spray, from time to time, always someone behind the curse, which is youthful, full of pride, but also filled with a lot of impulsive and naive, met the students, she said laughing, arms around, can not help but be minor, but under the shower of rain, always very happy…That met most of the heartbeat of her heart, quietly followed, not near, always came back peeing sound, but the mind is full of sweet, there is no reason to look at is happiness, but those misty rain thing, who can in a few words out, and now, leaving nothing but illusion, and later learned that San Mao’s words: wait and hesitation is the world’s most ruthless killer, we are all buried here…Yula the day there is always ruthlessly War, keep inexplicable tears…Some thing needs with one second left, but a lifetime to forget, some love takes a lifetime to support, perhaps today, I go to wait for the people with special meaning to my life, not life to compliment, at least with half to faith, rather than the heart obscurity, because by the time that read your mind of little people in this world, unconsciously, like the man already blurred, they want to think of her, but only to find, in my leaving only the heart of the southern rainy season, remembered that she…Amidst can think of, we knew it was found not thinking of her, time is not willing that one time, junior high school can not afford to lose sometimes really care…    Sometimes long for only one thing, and nothing to anyone, love or no love, only to end their, forget how kind, can not remember what, at least today, I was looking at the sky, it was said by go look at the sky 30 degrees, 30 degrees is because thoughts, lonely, Qingsi continuously, 30 degrees in order to let the tears flow down…Persistent life bit by bit…Intrigue, chess people have to go, who still care about the mess outside the scrutiny of the Red…Jiangnan like yesterday, rain, such as silk, lingering dream, is no longer a persistent rain, life.Perhaps my departure is among the finest memory sum, because after leaving I learned to cherish, but the Red mess, does not belong to me…Red West Side, the heart of day cut Qianjie…Over and over again when I was lonely interpretation, interpretation of perseverance, life with life to sing the sad song, floating in a dream of the south, I stood reincarnation window, misty rain reincarnation, to measure the Red river, with Smart fingertips, to discriminate soul right and wrong, with persistent rain, to ponder life’s spring War…Dreaming of years, Iraqis tear at the top of ridges and peaks, perhaps, rain across the fingertips when Chi Yan will be flashing, maybe in the past, washing this moment my soul, a trace of pain through the clouds of history…    Like the Qin Dynasty, like the misty rain like the Qin Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, and I have too much alike, the wheel of history will not linger in troubled times, not persistent pursuit Anling, emotions are martyrs, and some can be called life doomed, some called fate, some called a last resort, Gao Jianli Lethal voice, bearing in mind hate this life, as if there is a Xiao Yin, lingering in the ear, who is also the history of the dial ring melody chorus, miyasho corner microstructures Yu Yong changing, slowly filled the air, among the desolation, continuing a cycle of swan song, rainy night hearted, black and white cross of the United States, fans fell instantly, with a cost of youth, I grew up in exchange for the myth of the Qin Dynasty beautiful, but full the pain and mourning, both in terms of people are still on the matter, it is confusing, cultural halls, all of them buried soot, willing to use lifetime to care of their own faith, no regrets, Gan Ling falling between the earth horizon , a legendary I are each, I can not go to say what to expect when floating down the rain Qin Dynasty, Tomb Sweeping Festival rain Feifei confusion, Diaolan jade puzzle, hook embroidery month, rivers and lakes and write a myth…There are rules of survival in troubled times, every heartbeat, every cry, if there is no rain, the time will be less beauty, history or does not complete, the exhaustion of life sometime in thy I smile…    Everyone is trying to leap a butterfly Oliver, even the broken wings, there will be no result.But life is hard in exchange for dedication of waiting, after all, reincarnation lost, cherry blossoms drift, my only obsession…That beast caterpillar, staring at that piece of Oliver, guard her, if there is one thing, not, to use the limited time waiting to go, even if to leave, but also with the use of a waking hour turn around, and then went to a lifetime of happiness…Qin month when the rain when the Qin, Qin pain sad time, when the fall of the Qin, Qin just let sleeping together with it, a small boat, a jug of wine…The loneliness hidden in the wind, no rain clothes, there will be no old fisherman fishing river head buried in his life rolling Jiang Tao, Red Dust’s own downtown office…Let’s go go!Leave, no regrets…    Juvenile time, even lonely, has in the past, tomorrow is the way, yesterday was the dust, miyasho angle when the micro-Qin not hear, can not guard a TV drama cleared, remember the whole memory is the memory, there is no before and after , no rules, remember that you remember the forgotten, it does not have dedicated significant to wake up…If you forget, I will be happy.    Yula, rain Piaoling, inch light…Some things do not lose, you can not get, like the beautiful rain, beautiful Anhui, Intrigue, blank and wandering, with one second to recall, to a lifetime of happiness.