Mid-Autumn Festival night, and more on the table of an evening in a rural roadside food market to buy back the dates, flashing red metallic luster in the light, apparently just picked.This is truly fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, can not help but open the bottle, drink up.    Childhood memories thrown from his glass bottom.In the 60s of last century, every boy in the village of jujube position is memorized in mind, because then all you can eat something to feed their families for every child have a huge temptation.    Remember our village only two old jujube tree, jujube local soil.A garden and rice fields at the border after my family, for everyone Huanxi of a small stream at the edge of the village.Jujube every year we can look forward to open the star-shaped flowers like sesame seeds to grow later as beans like fruit, we have been closely watched.Because then the field is a national, private jujube tree is planted in the liberation.Jujube is also the owner of preparedness began to grow in the jujube fruit, but overlooked one important, jujube one day would have been a partner of “looting”, then someone will await the re-shot to owners off guard, finally will give up.In fact, this time the dates but the size of beans, a surge of green gas, but for long-term child in this hunger for sufficient and comparable to the ambrosia.No maturity dates and its nuclear (seed) can not be separated, with children being swallowed chew.Probably because of the destruction of this type of “predatory” home soil dates verge of extinction.    After the reform and opening up, most of those old date tree was cut down, so that the soil dates worth increased sharply, gorgeous turned into treasures, the absolute darling of the market, it has become rare in rural areas was also difficult early adopters VIPs.Because farmers are now planting through the introduction of superior varieties of jujube trees grafted, bear the dates due to a large, high-sweet, yield, color and beauty by farmers of all ages.When heavy fall dates bent branches, are free to pick their own children, the rest of the farmhouse dates on the eve of the Mid-Autumn picked dry storage backup.    Dates but also because of its unique efficacy rich nutrition health functions it is still on holidays to visit the elders of a good gift.Rural women “confinement”, dates also essential nutritional supplements.These dates associated with the rural folk 10000 wire thousand winds, the wind in my childhood memory in.    Folk known as auspicious dates to fruit, longevity fruit, fruit of life reputation, derived from the ancient Chinese medicine and respected for dates, you can get verification from the proverb about the dates of folklore, such as “ten one day jujube, the spirit never grows old ‘,’ a solar eclipse three dates, live to 70 is not significantly older ‘.Modern Chinese medicine research on the efficacy of health function is even more amazing dates, dates have said Baidu cancer, spleen and lungs, nourishing the nerves, sore pain relief, treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improving body function and enhance the human immune system, protect the liver and so on efficacy, can cure almost all diseases.    Dates are also a lot of wishes and sustenance into a propitious.A long time ago when necessary ritual worship ancestors as fruit, but also in rural bride married daughter jujube jujube many parts of the land of China is also a long time.New wife’s maiden four corners will be fitted with peanut jujube and other items in the quilt dowry, so that people are free to take dig, intended for the Taoyuan County.Hi-laws will put dates as if sprinkling wedding Hershey crowd, and the door Shihai deliberately invest in new bride, hit better.The bride and groom on their wedding night with fresh dates even peanuts, meaning a lovely baby, but also his son, daughter spend with students.    It is important dates in the position of the people at heart.Dates in the life indispensable.Dates to childhood memories painted hues of the rainbow.