Do not forget loss

Who Fu ‘live?Sigh life, turning a few clutch, then into old age.The most memory Hefei in the autumn, but then style childhood.Holidays short, temporarily together.Xiaoxiao tears rolling Yangtze River, sent to the station, choked to Iraqis.Under yellow leaves, autumn as promised, stubbornly persists.  Said Tim attributed even melancholy.Material instead of passing, habitat Chi Fan Yu.Jun regarding the sad lonely, temples drift Shaw meets with.Changxiangyi, Chencang children.Qiu closed entry empty sigh, letter-jun cut, paste only the truth of life.Life experience hate, Cambodia yellow book, Mo lost not forget.  Just for you word the year, there is a love letter through the slow time and space, from Hebei to Luzhou, instead of languishing before I could say.Because I believe, will eventually leave loose ends.  Only I hope that, one day, we hugged fingers, along with the description of the Rainbow.Even Hefatongyan old age, I can freshen up your old age.  A few times, alas, not the best for you to fill in tune, not words, only we understand.  Everything from high school English class that begins, the story of a boy named Forget, called the front desk girl lost Mo.Wen used the third person to replace him and her.  Ignorant of the summer, hazy love in his image, in the summer season really passionate high school senior that year, his third year, I do not know the impact of the education system Cupid or Eros can not wait to get them early acquaintance if more appropriate, I think it is most appropriate to see, not to mention how they cooked.  On this day, students who go to school with a resume full of complaints, because the third year curriculum is too tight, the teachers can not wait to let them leave with a complete a third year of study for all courses.Under the fate of clever arrangement, so they went into the same classroom, but also around the table.Two in the afternoon sun burning with this building belongs to the holiday school buildings, ringing the school bell accompaniment footsteps of the students who started the first lesson.  She was wearing a pure can not be pure white short-sleeved, with a light gray jeans, sitting in front of him, leaving him a fascinating shadows.Giving her a neat ponytail, his black teenager face.The teacher wrote on the blackboard chattering non-stop, his heart will be also think twice before tumbling off the hook.It is the beauty of the heart or, juvenile Huaichun worth mentioning, so he restrain a lesson of finally beating hearts.After class she took the English title of the practice quizzes turned away, (yes, I forgot to say, he was also a man named West Malaysia at the same table).The two men seem to want to make every effort to track this question and her multi-attributive clause approached for a while, he was just holding the attitude of the goodwill of the opposite sex to get close to her, and she even say a word also a sweet night.In this way, his heart nearly goddess carved her template stereotypes.Questions finished, and did not know who to tell her, just remember she has a sweet smile.Here to do a brief description of her, looks dignified and kind heart, fair skin could not conceal the face of the water, not the fullness of Yang Yuhuan, nor mermaid skinny, just flowing with gentle romantic.And he does, it can be seen from behind wearing apparel ancient times, is a fool poor family, learning in general.  At that time, this class event with two factions, one is open learning, a conservative calm type.However, they are not the same faction.How he wanted to chat with her at the time, learning.However, their share afraid of questioning heart, forcing him to not show it, even if the initiative in the past and she will say a few words to see people are worried about being out, so he chose silence.Whenever charming eyes saw her glasses, his heart beats wildly.Monotonous story of the past repeating monotonous, lonely lonely with his colorful Love.One day, during recess, she took the book sitting next to a high-Jiao Yang students, perhaps of academic problems among students, but his Xin Suansuan of Sese, a surge never had a sense of loss surge into his internal organs lung.That day, he realized that there is a taste, called 哑巴吃黄连.  Time is running out gradually, Shaohua perishable.Happy time is always short, only it has endless grief and sigh, blink of an eye, near the entrance.  It is a brilliant summer fireworks.  Students are put into intensive Entrance Exam, of course, they, too, three-point line of school life dotted the campus a memorable song “Angel Wings”, until now, living in the moment he heard the song song, fleeting memories, campus life had come to the front, all vividly.  And he carries everyone’s expectations and their own family distress, struggling on the road before the entrance of the line, in that period of time, just in time for the family uncle build a house, they are two in a yard, so that is bound to tear down his house house, family man building a house to do nothing, simply to attend to his daily life in the school, the impression that his friend had lent him 10 dollars for two weeks he ate rice.When a classmate told him to eat, to cover up his own what little dignity, lie said he was not hungry, eat late.On the way, to let the family worry around him did not return home, fill a hungry stomach with tears and perseverance belong to men.At that time, in his view, it can out of that school is enough, never expect any good university to go on, of course, he does not dare to think their future is because of the poor.  One day, a bolt from the blue crushed the thought that he is very strong boy.When the math exam 58 points curls into his hands, when there is a reverse flow back to his heart, tears, grievances, sweat ginseng together, corrupting his little heart.It is a shame, a kind of family, relatives live up to that night, a night he shed tears, pouring wet towel, pouring wet sheets, pouring wet night that ruthless.  At this Yongzhou school, they sent away countless heads cantilever, cone Cigu evening, finally ushered in the long-awaited entrance.  I remember the first four days of the college entrance examination that night, after going to night classes, the students dispersed foes, the classroom only five people are still chatting, exchanging each other’s voices.That night she did not just walk, he inspired countless courage and stepped forward to talk to her only son grew up in a family where he grew up, have a sense of the opposite sex timid, shy, wistful.In the heart of the battle many times, he finally decided to take the initiative to invite her to chat playground, relieved.His calm calm face was flushed, his most feared she refused, it will be more embarrassing.And as he expected, her faint rejected.Rejected are so graceful, so mildly.That night, he found a new sense of illusion called love.  He was a man wandering in the playground, wanes the moon shining this weary night, students who are still desperately chasing all the unknown, what a desperate night ah, if they see the clothes he repeated Jane’s mother, tears in the water for her baby son to make shoes, cooking.Perhaps the world’s most kind, the greatest is love it!  They dull day, dull lives to sneak away in the high school, no friends, speak their minds, nor romantic lovers, both strange and familiar.  Quietly watching the sky after the rain, look, she appeared in the shadows of the rainbow over there, waving angel wings came to him.Loves had arrived on campus, vaguely keep yesterday’s fragrance, warm and familiar, like her angel’s wings, across the boundless consider.  Because he believed, Mo loss is still there, he never left him, with angelic love always be there for him.  Ignorant of the summer wind, blowing again hazy love.  Wu Feng moon – phone Romantic think the university shut all the lights, to concentrate on her hair fragrant smell, the silence of the night in the dark, so crush great sense of the screen, and recall her pass Yongzhou campus, these are reluctant to delete, stay stored in mind.Looking at her smile in your phone’s romantic, original pay a sincere love is so simple.  2008 countless nights, they set up text messaging bridge will only prolong, there is a feeling spread soil grow on a virtual character culture.  Time flowing quietly, quietly fragrance years.  Suddenly, they all went to college, he was in Hebei, and she in Luzhou Yangtze River Delta, thousands of miles away did not cut off his Qingsi for her, love the atmosphere of the university, so he had to catch the school principal trend.The tragedy is that he did not contact her, so he marathon shuttle in the classroom and library, just want to read the history books for thousands of years to find her shadow.Coincidentally, one afternoon, he found in the electronic reading room access to the Internet when her QQ, joy out of him every day after school to go to her room and other on-line.Because they talk about anything, seek Concert, for co-existence, channelized.After a month of chatting, he completely into her inner world, not as he had imagined before, because of his poor she would look down on her, or is she aloof, her calm, her kindness, her gentleness..He strengthened his belief in the pursuit of her.  Perhaps, since then they is the real acquaintance, and was only rub shoulders passing it.  I can say that fate has always been a common language both aggregate speculative product.Yes, ah, they all have children in the countryside are simple and honest, good and pure.  In November 2007 a night, slightly smoked wind was intoxicated him back to the dorm, alcohol is a good thing, not only can make you forget their troubles, carried away; also allows you courage for love.He laid the phone for some, I do not know, she still remember.Not every man is in love with the complex later, will become a poet?He should be the Mayan prophecy of love, poetic with a text message to her confession, just remember, when he made the piece of text, there are numerous state of the hair without hair, he kept making changes again modify, as if the new wife to see her so, for fear that others refused or dissatisfied.The impression that she is very tactful reply, to write the song with their heart throb, the most appropriate.  (She) I still can not tell accept your confession I was afraid to hurt me or wandering too gentle arrival hesitating love hope you can understand what I need you to wait for (him) I guess you do not let me guess do not understand what the words would not come out, do not let what you can not be honest, I guess I guess I continue to wait to let you think it came out in 2007, he said after the winter is very warm very warm, because he found the right person’s life.Memory, called Iraqi people in the distance.  The most painful of his life after an absence of 07 years, he is also the happiest in 2007, 2008 and they waved again, this year, numerous sweet moments of happiness are blooming on the phone screen.  If China Mobile is the largest sponsor of lovers in different places, then the mobile phone is the matchmaker between the two sides.  Continued their story.Episode a little long, I was thinking they made a sweet euphemism stay.  A in the south, one in the north, they learn a different profession, for the feelings, it seems very detached.But I know they are together in the bridge under the eaves of the southern moonlight, it will also read wilderness beyond the Great Wall.As always, location, always the night, every night after class in his will a person go to the playground, he took out his cell phone to listen to her beloved gentle.After checking, with a happy smile back to the dorm, quickly wash finished, she got into bed refresher day greetings to him, softly, softly.He Imagination, do not know the phone over there, she did not sleep, a lot of word play on the phone but did not dare send, afraid of a word wrong, wrong tone, afraid she received information will be angry, will be misunderstood, will difficult.Reading between the lines, he played the addition of a line of interpretation of fate, because he knows that at the moment she is smiling romantic view phone.In her reply of time, he would take advantage of this moment to brush up on her phone screen look cute.  Every day that had, they maintain the precious love this way.A text message can rest assured worried, talk to a phone can read, a message can be embedded memories.  Hefei, the most memory in the autumn of 2008 the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival long distance relationship has always been painful, and who do not want their loved ones to stay together, many things has always been Sleight.He not also do?During college, how he did not see her living expenses, then as long as he does not owe the phone, and every day she can communicate has been burned incense.He was afraid of poverty, he hated the poor, that is the word, let him shame, shame, cold does not matter, let him suffer was not able to send her to the heart of a decent gift.  In fact, God is very fair to everyone.  One day, the school sent him 8,000 yuan scholarship, he was elated early to buy a ticket to Hefei, when are catching up with Mid-Autumn Day double.  His car, all the way distraught, yes ah, they know two years have not talked face to face, lingering over.He seems to have been like a magic would be worried, one would then ecstatic, stomach weird bottle kept rolling forward urgently, irritability, sweet, gentle, fear, timidity.The road over, he felt like a lifetime for so long had finished, he was too anxious.  For him, going to see a lifetime of Huangruo miss her, and my heart kind of emotion to be better than everything, even four o’clock autumn wind is warm.He went into the cafe waiting for her, just remember he opened a computer, open a movie “Air Force One”, it now appears that attract the attention of a large audience, he even did not understand that staring at a computer screen.And my heart full of her trance, wearing a short-sleeved red and white dress, she appeared in the dim light, sharp eyes under the glasses one will recognize him, they care for silence, he wanted to hug her and shy, a and the girls never spent time alone, he would blush even hand.  That year, they go shopping together, playing video games together, eat pickled fish (the kind of love the taste of estimated future he had never recover), stroll along Xiaoyaojin, along with snacks.  Imagine that you are a kind of picture, there is a pair of lovers, the Mid-Autumn night, 15 dollars a night hostel, old beds, old bedding, old third floor, blew out the moon, they hugged, laughing his childhood, depicting the colorful future.Under the balcony month, Shuangsushuangfei two lingering, drizzly evening breeze, could not bear loud emotion, fear disturb dialogue Cowherd and Weaver Girl.A moon cake love, to miss tonight will not spoil, and doomed to a truth, the future of two people.  He said: love is permanent presence, her flower-like attitude, even if they are buried in time, will break ground blooming again.