Eighty-one whisper

Time flies, Star moved the bucket, a flash and to Bayi, on this special day, has a doubly deep feelings and cordial.Reviewing the past, eventful years thick.Read their own history, that part of unforgettable, never forgotten that period, that period of blood and fire of experience in the life course most flash years.Blink of an eye has left the army twenty years.Too many memories, too many unforgettable.My life is the most massive sum of spiritual wealth.    Quiet night, moonlight spilled drift down, hand Zhancha standing at a window, I imagination of people to late autumn: I remember thirty years ago the scene Xiongpei safflower enlisted parting home.Mother’s tears, loved ones exhort, and father sullen eyes.Way back when, when hometown is very poor, many children can not wear winter shoes, rags have no way of mending even then decorated line, a green military uniform is how many children aspire clothes, bearing soldiers are how many children role models, the military is the desire of many children dream.When I was eighteen, I remember clearly, on behalf of our commune more than a hundred new soldiers in the town hall table determination, my youth, words ringing sonorous, two thousand people packed the auditorium, I looked at a a truth eyes, full of affection and solemn mind, I used his speech full of passion written, with a voice trembling with excitement on behalf of the recruits generally carries the weight of the mountains, echoing the sky promised a promise, that scene carved Lou heart bone.    Looking back military uniform plus body, drunk dust of years contained fifteen years, I learned to make beds knapsacks, I learned to stand up tall giant strides forward, fought heavily armed learned, learned the military force of character, learned faithful soldier Day parade.It will be recalled barracks, have my melodious sound of the piano at the party, I have a blackboard in the sun tender text.The training ground, I have wet clothes back figure; the march, I have faltering footsteps; the smoke, fire and water with his comrades, desperate; the sun, the soldiers rush in the harvest together weeding, sweat.    Soldier, this glorious title has given too much responsibility.Where there is danger, where there is the people’s army.Disaster relief, the military is rushing to be first-line, anti-never forget 2076 Tangshan earthquake relief, I went to my first scene with blood and sweat to write music of life; in 2079 in self-defense combat duty-bound to put my blood and fire mixed with smoke fighting, doing my part to serve as a cutting-edge Signal Corps.How many times flood relief, how many times difficult and dangerous, for which the military flashing glorious name, I canceled the self, all the big society I.I moved forward and set an example for the deeds of soldiers.Today in life, my every word and action to the military standard requirements of their own.    In fact, the military is also a mortal emotions.Emotional world, the same Red terraced rice paddies.A “tell the truth” How much monologue; a “Full Moon” how much care.However, the duties of a soldier how much love melt.During that unforgettable look back, vaguely past in the head, as if in a trance CD staged in tea mist rising gradually dim.Lens pulled today, a few years of human fingertips, from the barracks to the place and contemplating the state of the military; fire and water blend Jagged man.Perception of political situation; operation of the unspoken rules of life..Yang sigh beautiful mountains and rivers, flu flower splash tears perception of feelings.Not pleased, sad not to material flexibility.Fate of the nation everyone is responsible, unfounded changing world.Burning a soldier’s mind feelings.Father, knowing the father as a mountain, words and deeds Ming Cheena.The son of man, knows everything filial piety, maternal love deeply endless source.A husband, understand the burden and responsibility of the family the cornerstone of.Dedicated care of your hand the other half Forever.Life has always felt the fall, and then still full of enthusiasm, perhaps the military share of restless bones blood noisy, always reluctant lonely carefree.The farm has my sweat, my company has never stopped work, Hengshui Lake filled the elegant idle.Staring down at tea cup rotation, gradually sink, stretch the original fold, immersed in the flow of time.Sip, bitter glycol, cotton leisurely charm, but the taste of the past years?Or carving huge today?On this special day, or do not have a good feeling on the heart?Life is like a tea?Life is a dream?Life is like a play?Life is like a boat?.In fact, life is a story, then you are the hero of the story, those circumstances constitute suffix attached to the story of the symphony of life, there are those roles auxiliary foil gradually hidden in the quicksand of life in.Once the barracks man, my mind is always deep Nanchang fired the first shot, the Bayi flag floating; is waging anti-siege, arduous Long March; millet plus rifles to defeat the Japanese bandits, overthrow Chiang dynasty, the establishment of new China; North Korea on the battlefield the most beautiful people, mountains everywhere Mumetada bone, why die on the battlefield but also the heroic heroic; that flew their fighters patrol the country volley, blue sky for the feelings of the motherland Air Force; a ship fast gallop valiant and heroic sea, sea motherland Navy heaven and earth; Taiwan is rising from the splendid five-star red flag, swept the historical humiliation of fortitude frontier guards; 5.12 immortal souls, a cavity blood for the young soldiers of the people; a desert island, high mountains indelible green military uniform, willing to lonely frontier of the motherland.It is the most extraordinary red cap badge, red collar no regrets.Yes.This is the military.May climbed the top of the head, the night quiet breathing sounds get, gently turn on the computer, listening to soft music.Skim time into tea, bath pure, polyphonic sounds of nature, past MAXSUN.Soldier, I am always proud!I’m always proud!