Expect from a hot summer day.

Into the summer, the weather was very hot up!    The afternoon sun is still like a big stove baked the earth, rolling heat waves overflowing in every corner of the space-time, like a warrior, come toward the clamor.Facing the sun hot clamor, a challenge will be the resulting thoughts, so I kept a cactus from the house for several years in the house to move out because of natural drought cactus say, therefore, I would like to take this burning hot afternoon heat to see the extent of this cactus exactly how and to what extent.However, in the home of cactus grown up people do not seem to say so strong, and then baked in the sun, just for a moment of effort, skin color change from green to pale yellow.Since I am worried because my cactus attempt and killed, and then they hastily moved back into the house, can it suddenly made me think of some other things, as our children’s education, and my heart could not help but express some concern them!    Son did not nap, positive relish watching TV programs, and perhaps I did not realize from these moves, let alone change my mind at the moment.I move to the smell does not smell, feel added to my feelings of anxiety of today’s children’s education.Yes, today is not just as a child growing up in this house you grew up in the same cactus?Without wind and the rain and sun and setbacks in life but how to feel it the next encounter?    Just finished attending the son is like a runaway horse, when faced governed by their own time, they know what to do, or even a loss of!So, I think our current education, in the fierce competition, the children grew up almost like the flowers in the greenhouse, as even in the flowering season carve out beautiful flowers, in the face of some unexpected setbacks time, it would lose reason and rely on, so right now we are facing conservatory education, how to empower children to face setbacks, has become a problem we have to think about education!    Everything happens for association.From the big cactus greenhouse think children education in family and neighborhood, can not help what I want to say in today’s written word!I was not unfounded, but to a person responsible oath!    Education is invisible, the essence of education is to cultivate a natural person to be a useful person to society, but, in our reality, some people are simply understood became the university entrance exam, and thus, in the face of poor children results teachers despise, look down on students, and even from their loved ones are left to their development, this is extremely irresponsible understanding of education, we will be thinking of our modern utilitarian education into them in a way, how to face education for our next generation?We must start from the self-examination!    Today is the first heavy rain since the Volt, the rhythm of the rain, the earth will be instantly sacked a high temperature in the rain suddenly came down, I could feel the waves of cool from the window to, attached to the body sweat suddenly disappear.Summer rain is a impatient, quick to also stop fast after the rain stopped the sky is still gloomy, dense mass of dark clouds swept over the heads of tall buildings, house as boring, as people flustered.Yes, in the days when hot, always eager to rain, heat waves will be repressed, but when the real face of a heavy rain, the rain had been attacked scene, more people feel the fear and horror of this nature, the heart had been entangled in contradiction with it?    I looked out the window, a time to put his thoughts back to our current educational, and fell into the dark thinking.    July day, about to ascend to a higher level for students but it is a long wait, school choice has become an unavoidable topic, so universities, secondary schools so, so primary school, even in kindergarten are so, all sorts of things, we can not but struggled at this stage.So students, parents also did not panicky?    For life is exam time and time again, for the competitive nature of people is an experience, as a strong warrior grew in courage, and for less capable people is indeed a severe test again and again, so, in the face of this July day, we have encountered a different mood in such a feeling of chaos, as a thinker, we can not put pressure on the current utilitarian education uneasy.This is a challenge for our social life, to adapt to it, it must take in its rules of the game, otherwise, we will always be one person to be eliminated!    People on the way, fate in their own hands, as the learning initiative in our own hands, for being in school life, in the view of the stage of learning, teachers and parents are supporting, while the real to put on a wonderful show, we need the learners themselves, do not complain about social injustice, because the produce from the community, so had the!    By July the weather today, I re-examine our education, is currently facing fierce competition in education, I just want to tell our students who, at the foot of your way, just keep walking on the path of his life, good challenge yourself, you can win applause on the stage of education, to win social recognition, to win their ability to adapt to society!    Lu Yao in “Ordinary World” wrote: life can not wait for others to arrange, to struggle and to fight for their own; regardless of the result is a tragedy, but consolation is that you always live up to live in this world the game.With this understanding, you will treasure life, but not cynical; it would also give the injection itself a powerful inner strength.    Dear students who road on foot, take their own road in order to open up for the future life of their own out of a different kind of life, do not do hothouse flowers, make our dream forever in the sun, exudes charm!    2015.7.15