Hawthorn side miss next month

Shortly after 21:00 clock, suddenly thought of Zhu Ziqing “Lotus Pond”, “pond under the moonlight, what is good,” strong desire in your head spin.Out of the doors of the parlor, alone, wandered community pond, benches to sit down in the gazebo next to the pond, a quiet pool of clear moonlit charge, open QQ music phone, single cycle, listening to the Philharmonic Orchestra “Lotus Pond”, the hearts of a multitude of things, a thousand words thousand words, think of the university campus, a meet with you, acquaintance Cheng pulls past.You were with a baby face with two long braids, the most cause for concern throughout the year, fresh, simple, quiet, generous.Think of your innocent smile, innocent eyes, innocent perfumed, innocent shadows, like a lotus in front of this month, so lovely, so honest, so fragrance.Tonight moonlight, you are my nearest flower.Your gentle, humble, serene, honest, simple, real, natural.You are gentle woman, as the lotus flavor, fragrance, like the Netherlands, graceful and elegant, quiet and calm, not concentrated not short, silent little words.You are my life the most beautiful edge, Qinru Heart to fragrance, charming tenderness alarming.    Hawthorn under the moonlight, like an elegant ink, a pool of green, red-letter.Moonlight poured in the lotus pond, soft ground floor in lotus leaf, lotus leaf pieces, blossoming lotus, added a bit of mystery.One after another Handan, vigil pond, because it is the area of the pond, brightly lit tall buildings on both sides, coupled with Hawthorn underwater nightlights, clearly seen in the whole pond, although seven or eight acres in size, great promise in Guangzhou City it is also a rare.Watching the pool is illuminated under the lights pink flowers, delicate, pleasant, set off at the edges of the leaves, added a bit more elegant, refined, like a distant Iraqis, heart, drunk, bloom in my heart the sea!Innocent love, innocent love, innocent fragrance.    Heard people say: “Among thousands of people, meet the people you meet, in thousands of years, the wilderness of time knows no boundaries, neither earlier nor come up, only just met, that is life the most beautiful edge!Like you, I, thousands of people, in the same year and went into the university campus, is divided in the same class, this is the most beautiful meet, meet, know each.If not met you, I would not know, there is a meet, spring, brilliant as you, such as your fragrance!Beautiful flowers, the United States to tears; if not met you, I would not know there is a Qiannian, thirty-eight years of Qian Nian, is bitter, hope, blessing, this beautiful beautiful Qiannian, to the United States tears, scattered the shallow of years, the graceful flies of time.    Moon in the sky, the shadows of buildings crosswise, lighted courtyard nobody.Walking through the terraced rice paddies small road side of the pond, hovering in the corridor of the pavilion richly ornamented, sitting or lying, or standing or rows, Moonlight Shanghe twos and threes, indulge in this, their own entertainment.Seven, eight acres of rectangular pond, immersed in water, a cigarette between hazy, silhouette, shadows, shadow Netherlands, misty, shadowy, imaginary fantasy magic.Lotus Fu different, the leaves of fresh fragrance filled the air.As if heaven and earth, the beauty of Kate.Amid the memories, thoughts rain, a touch of tenderness, touch the heart of Hong!Distant sea, you want to smoke, feeling drunk the night and felt discouraged!Dream Water, dressed in a tactful dress, a pretty hair, slim.If you are a fresh and graceful, pure and elegant Qing Dutch, lotus flower in full bloom, the ghost of you drunk my heart dream, such as flowers as bright, as bright as Splendor, Nama drunk falls lingering dream, turned into Acacia Lei Yu, a warm heart, wet flirtatious, drunk heart.    Now every morning, I think you have some more, then I’ll worry you a little more.Every night, I have to read you some more, then I’ll love you more!Every night, I have a little more sincere congratulations to you, as you prayerfully more, so that you will be a little more healthy and happy!Now every day, because of your presence, and extraordinary!I’ll love you more each passing day!Each day I love you a little more!Every day, all because of you happiness rippling layers of ripples!Simple life because of you happy spray thrown up a blossoming!You are my dreaming, you are my dreaming!Only willing to think about life, love!Willing to work with you waiting for bloom season End of the World; and you would wait for the end of time; and you Dramas Hechi one thousand, I pour melancholy, sad dependents season, the Red lofty, world-clutch.Since then, no longer ask past lives, no longer care about the origin edge off of ups and downs since then, only willing to let your heart that leaves boat, carrying not only worry about carrying spring!Is willing to use his life loving, warm your facial features, I would like to use your deep love and Chi Chan.Night is young, love deeper, Hawthorn concept, music, answered gently, deep and shallow, smell.Thoughts, memories, point a light heart, a Huairou Ying love and affection, read quietly, gently dependents, lost in meditation.