Xu period of quiet beauty of time, you want to

Thoughts of the night, a long, write a paragraph to you, I hope you can be happy, healthy and happy!    Tonight, on children very round, very lonely thoughts, there has been no news of you, I wonder if you are okay?    There are individuals often think of you, missing you.Your smiling eyes always emerge in my eyes, as the stars of the night sky, full of love.You think, do not have to tell you, but be sure to tell myself.Miss the wind, always inadvertently passing arched brows, falling silently in my heart, sometimes near and sometimes very far.Sat in front of the computer, emerges once warm picture, interlocking fingers of sight, sit on the warm, stroll the forest of the alley, with wind and rain pull of the streets.And day with you, maybe, I’m not your happy starting point, but you are my happy all.    Miss heart sorrow, a long time wandering in the midnight corner, there is always the heart can not express in words the emotion of one kind of memory when covering the sky, at this moment, my deepest thoughts.To think, to three thousand affectionate with you is like a party pyrotechnics bright jealously guarding; to think, to cloud water long days elegance with you Dramas spectacular ebb and flow.And all of this, but can only be achieved in a dream.    At night, you dream of when I would be afraid, I’m afraid not see your face, will slowly disappear afraid to meet you, I’m afraid I can not smell the taste of your body, I’m afraid you’ll be sad sad, and a man quietly hiding in the corner, silently crying, I’m afraid you are cold, no one to hold, I’m afraid you’re sick no one to take care of, I’m afraid, I’m afraid to wake up, no longer see you again.    Someone waiting for you for a long time, a moment in time I was filled with sadness, there are still residual kiss honey tea, hug also stranded taste of love, the warmth of her hand entirely, so, you hurried away, We are left to think that sigh.Perhaps the most beautiful love, only in the memories of the constant interpretation.    There is not a drop of clear gel, it would be pure white soul; there is no breeze can blow away the lonely state of mind; there is no one verse, to express thoughts mood.Like you, not like a waking dream, lingering memories, thoughts wandering in the rain, depressed mood for a long time, the release of their own in the midnight solitude.At dawn, with a smile disguised, hidden memories of walking in time where.    If this life, can not continue to write a story; if this life, destined to miss the meet, you promised me a quiet beauty of time, you want to.    Text: Listen to Xinyu QQ1178127788