2016 New Year’s Day Xia Xiang Yan Long Essay

Annual New Year’s Day 2015, wrote a New Year’s Day Xia Xiang, Yan Long essays began to set sail aboard the boat.    Another year of New Year’s Day there are a few hours to maybe Pentium age, we will be merciless profound experience of time, fleeting, gone.    Year, there are too many saw it for real, and there have been many complacent about the future, although this does not match the age and slightly smug, but in any case, changes are quietly taking place in the side.    Graduated from the University of decade, the memories are still full of young students like.The kind of admiration when watching others waist pager if still my heart, but it does not have time.    I do not know when to begin, have become accustomed to the sight of forty-five degrees down, accustomed to walk between the thumb up and down about five centimeters from the.    Just a few years, the thumb on the phone screen walk the distance, perhaps more than thirty feet through the years of mileage.    Friends, some newlyweds, some of them have scored twice; some are expecting the birth of a new life, and some have three baby’s father and mother; some ambitious and ready to put a night market stalls, some several companies have opened collapsed, broken open a few more luxury cars.    My life is also changing, turned over the phone has been packed with photos, occasionally wondering what time it is where the shot.    Only years old friend, when the information is sent before the holiday, will inadvertently ripple heart Chunshui.Work ups and downs, sad life of happiness, family daily necessities, will eventually be engulfed in time and memory, leaving only the surface of the water waves.    Frequent iteration of things, behind the times is the most deadly sorrow.Unit in the new beautiful sister, cheerful, ready molested, but unfortunately others have only one sentence: Uncle, your child read a few of the high?    Indestructible things in the past that disappeared long ago, had vowed to have the ideal is superficial, childhood grassroots workers, school social elite since that town and now young people, the transition between only blowing hot and cold.    Squandering For beautiful eyes, but still some things grow naturally in my heart, that is the expectation and endless love for the next year is good for family life.    Time kaleidoscope rotation, and this love over time grown up, still exudes the same Shining glory.Family love of their own, wanted the sky overhead, rising and falling, eternal predicament.    I wrote this essay series Yan Lung, too, no matter what age, I believe people will need a way of thinking, a feeling a Sui Suinian, Yan Long essay will be someone like.    The last day of mid-2015, Yan Long essays to seeing you.By 2016, we hope to continue together by a dream horizon, dependent forward.    Yan Long essays recorded drip sentiment around, if you like to subscribe to the public micro-channel number “Yan Long essay” follow read.