About the enlightenment of spring to participate in the 5 issues of the writer’s anthology

I didn’t get up early for a long time, and got up early this morning unconsciously. I think I have missed countless opportunities to walk and enjoy beauty in the morning light over the years because of my sleepiness, just like I missed countless youth years, so that I became lazy and decadent. Therefore, I gladly and decisively walked out of the reinforced concrete building and onto the road that has already been very cold in early winter..     This city is my beloved hometown, Qufu, Shandong Province, an ancient and long-standing town in the north of China. It is the hometown of Confucius, a great thinker, educator and founder of the Confucian school in China, and is known as the’ Jerusalem”,’ of the east, the holy city of the east.. There are many famous ancient buildings and gardens, such as the famous world cultural heritage of Kong Fu, Kong Miao and Kong Lin, which constitute her unique style of Chinese classical town. The beauty of the ancient charm of her Confucian culture permeates people’s sense world forever. In the sense world of people, she seems to float with the romance and philosophy of ancient poetry forever. The slim willows and the red brick tiles with classical beauty floating on the road seem to be telling the long history and the smoke of the past in her own style, which makes people can’t help but indulge in it, think deeply about it and wake up to it … ah in the streets in the morning.. As the people walk out of the winter of ideological confinement and into the spring of emancipating the mind, China has gone through great hard work and reform and opening up, the motherland is becoming richer and richer, people’s lives are improving, and health knowledge is becoming more and more popular. People in Qufu, an ancient city, are also paying attention to sports and fitness. In this morning, there are always women walking leisurely along the ancient road like lilacs in Dai Wangshu’s poems, as well as vigorous men who boast of their father running towards the sun day by day. I don’t know how many such precious times I have missed … Ah, here, like any other place in the world, the willow trees in spring are still so fascinating, the success of the career is still so attractive to people to strive for, the philosophy and philosophy are still so inspiring, the bright sun is still so radiant, the poignant and romantic love story is still being performed continuously, and the human affection is still so fascinating … Ah, the world continues to run on its own track forever, and everyone deduces his own chapter of life in it. As Qufu people, we should know how to cherish this spiritual land and grasp the great era of spring.. We firmly believe that whether it is the spring of nature or the spring of life’s fate, it will take hard work and struggle with the severe winter to usher in a beautiful and warm spring.. I seem to hear the footsteps of spring coming quietly, as well as the familiar song rippling in my ears: the true feelings are vast as grassland, and the wind and rain cannot be stopped. There will always be clouds and sunshine shining on you and me at sunrise. True feelings are like plum blossoms, and layers of ice and snow cannot be submerged. It blooms on the coldest branch and sees spring coming to you and me … Ah, the author’s brief introduction: Name: Yuan Bin; He worked in the Agricultural Development Office of Qufu City Finance Bureau of Shandong Province. He has published many articles in the media such as participating in People’s Daily, participating in People’s Network on the official website, participating in CCTV’s Public Daily Regulations, participating in Public Network Regulations on the official website of CCTV and so on.