Details!     Details it is transformers, can stretch can shrink. If it shrinks, it can be as small as negligible. If it stretches out, it can also be eight feet tall, affecting your life and changing your destiny.     Isn’t it?     A newly graduated college student, Xiao A, applied for a position in human resources management. When he entered the elevator of the company, he saw an apple core on the ground, picked it up, held it in his hand, and threw it into a dustbin when he left the elevator.. This scene was just seen by the boss who took the elevator at the same time, so Xiao A was hired by the company.. Want to know this is a world-famous big company, there are many masters and doctoral students competing for this position, small a is only an ordinary university undergraduate. After the event, some people were unconvinced. Is his’ one bend’ more important than our decades of hard reading? Indeed, Xiao A’s life fate has been changed because of this’ bend over’. Think about it, really just because of the occasional’ one bend’ by Xiao A, is luck coming?? Don’t you think there’s anything else behind this’ bend over’?     The word literacy should be a popular word on the Internet in recent years. So what exactly is literacy? Accomplishment is the quality and accomplishment of a person. What are the details? It’s a little thing.     To put it this way, details are like a pot of nutritious soil in life, which is specially used to cultivate people’s qualities. What is the measure of a person’s accomplishment? Details! Details can moisten a person’s accomplishment into a round bead, or suck a person as thin as a log..     A person with perfect character cannot be full only by wisdom and talent, but must be nourished by accomplishment.. Therefore, there is no one with high quality who does not pay attention to details.     Unfortunately, we Chinese have always paid little attention to details, thinking that details are sections and sections can be completely informal. Literacy is something that can’t be seen and touched, and it can be completely ignored by those who are eager for quick success and instant benefits. Most people think that literacy is used to support the facade, and the facade should be the patent of a person with status, power or money.. Therefore, all the poor and low-ranking people can not pay attention to everything. In China, you rarely see people in suits and ties who are still spreading the streets, because no one cares about how they are dressed, and because others don’t care, he relaxes himself, which is a sign that the Chinese don’t pay attention to details..     There is a middle-aged man selling baked sweet potatoes in the vegetable market near my house. When I say baked sweet potatoes, you will immediately see in your mind: wearing oily twist clothes, sometimes you may also be topless and your hands must be black.. Indeed, most people who sell baked sweet potatoes are like this. The one I know who sells baked sweet potatoes is an exception. He wears very well, buttons on his shirt are properly buttoned, and even the zipper of his coat is pulled to the right place.. All the year round, no matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the clothes are washed clean and ironed properly, regardless of the quality of the clothes.. If it weren’t for standing in front of the baking oven, you wouldn’t see him selling baked sweet potatoes. What big company did you think he was. He often pulls sweet potatoes out of the oven and pinches them with his hands, but always wears a pair of white gloves, which will always be clean. I guess he will never have only one pair of gloves.. Not only that, he took out sweet potatoes from the hearth, wrapped them in clean paper and handed them to customers. ‘ so that customers won’t get hot and can wipe their hands after eating. You see how thoughtful he is for his customers.     Although he is only an ordinary laid-off worker, selling baked sweet potatoes and a real car driver, I still think he is a very educated person..     Thus, the level of literacy has little to do with money and status.     There was a little boy in England who had only 5p coins and 5p could eat and buy a delicious ice cream, but he did not have the money to tip. The little boy thought twice and finally chose to buy cheap popsicles and left the tip money behind..     One of my girlfriends has a quirk. Her underwear must be changed once a day and washed immediately after it is changed. She can’t be careless at all.. Even when she was away on business, she never indulged herself.     Accomplishment, it is the requirement that people never indulge themselves because external conditions do not exist!     Who said it was not a kind of accomplishment without imposing one’s own knowledge on others and respecting others?? It is common for people who are leaders or powerful to dictate to people everywhere and feel that they have the capital to dictate to a big man who is taller than others, but this is a sign of lack of literacy.. No matter what kind of people, we should learn to respect them, even if they are beggars, we should not throw money to them by giving alms.. Respect for each individual’s life is the basic requirement of highly qualified people.     Sometimes, we will say that character determines fate, but character is also made up of details of human behavior.. We often say that we should cultivate noble spirit and gentlemanly demeanor. It should be said that the cultivation of noble spirit and gentlemanly demeanor is not overnight, let alone one or two actions on a whim.. Noble spirit and gentlemanly demeanor also have nothing to do with money and status. It is not that the richer the man, the gentler the man, the richer the man, the nobler the man..Someone once calculated a bill, and it takes at least three generations for a noble to be cultivated.. According to a generation of 25 years, it will take at least 75 years to cultivate a noble, which shows how difficult it is to cultivate noble spirit.     Recently, there was a story on the Internet that writer Liang Xiaosheng rode to the suburbs with two old writers in France. It was windy, and a station wagon in front of it blocked the road and raised the dust on the road high. Even so, Liang Xiaosheng’s car had no intention of overtaking. Liang Xiaosheng could not help but ask: Why not surpass it?? The driver said it was impolite to overtake on such a road. From this, we can see how important politeness is in the eyes of French people. In fact, politeness is also a kind of detail for people to do things.. After another walk, the front car stopped on its own initiative and said to the driver of the rear car, ” It’s not fair that our car is always in front along the way.”! There are my two daughters in the car, and I can’t let them feel this is taken for granted. ‘ It would be unthinkable if this matter were put in our China! Because, in the eyes of the Chinese, politeness is only for those who know it, and those who do not know it will not scruple about politeness or impoliteness. If you don’t go, will you let me go? Overtaking is a matter of course. It’s strange not to overtake.     The incident deeply touched the writer Liang Xiaosheng, who thought of us Chinese and expressed his deep feelings about the Chinese people’s humanistic quality. ” Think about how often we can consciously abide by the law, abide by our duties as human beings, think of others as much as possible, and help others without being reminded of our actions.”? Humanities is a kind of freedom rooted in one’s heart and premised on the recognition of constraints, and a kind-hearted ability to put oneself in another’s shoes.. ” kindness to put oneself in another’s shoes”? How many Chinese have? If you want to put yourself in other people’s shoes, you must pay attention to details, such as the small piece of paper wrapped in baked sweet potatoes, an apple core picked up by a lift, and even the habit of changing underwear every day, should be the performance of a qualified person.. Don’t need to be reminded or shown to others, it is a kind of heartfelt will, a kind of natural calm and calm habit, just like normal eating and sleeping, it becomes air and water indispensable for a moment in life..     The word ” literacy” does not exist or is negligible in the large dictionary of Chinese education.. Therefore, the Chinese education of children only emphasizes the cultivation of talents and wisdom, only teaches children how to excel and never pays attention to the cultivation of literacy.. It is not that parents do not pay attention to it, but that the whole society does not pay attention to it! You didn’t see it? In today’s society, no matter what you do, there is an explicit standard to measure it, which can be quantified, but it is precisely the accomplishment that cannot be quantified.. What all speak according to the standard, seemingly fair is actually an irresponsible injustice. In the minds of Chinese people who are used to following the rules, literacy is not in the standard and can be ignored. The result of contempt is that everyone does not pay attention to details and literacy, and even the whole society is in the impetuous process of chasing fame and profit.. Impetuous is the natural enemy of the details. As soon as a person is impetuous, there will be no details.     Literacy is profound and complicated to say, but it is actually very simple to do. You don’t need to do it deliberately, only in your usual details of raising your hands and throwing your feet, your accomplishment will be developed. Try it. If you respect a beggar from your heart just as you respect your boss, then maybe you have the quality..     The Zen master said, ” Hold on to your simplicity and be humble, and be worldly – wise.”! A man of accomplishment should maintain a simple and open-minded personality. There is a calm way to win without pride and lose with grace. No matter what the environment is, we can start from bit by bit and pay attention to details. Knowing the world but not knowing the world, being persistent and serious but not harsh, experiencing desolation but not losing innocence, practicing wisdom but not being sophisticated.     Today, especially in such an impetuous society, do you pay attention to details? Do you have humanities? Really?! ( 2014 – 07 – 04 )