My son has had several colds and fevers. I said you had to pay attention to exercise. Sit in front of the computer every day. Is there something wrong with sitting?. He said it wasn’t, it was not genetic and it was not strong. He added that the computer said that people born on a certain day of a certain month of a certain year love to have such and such problems. If they don’t believe it, they can be diagnosed immediately after losing your birthdays.. His mama said, you still believe this, he didn’t speak.     Genetics? This boy attributed all his troubles to his father, his mother, even his grandparents, grandparents, grandparents and even eight generations of ancestors. He really has him. Today’s children have few serious skills, and they are capable of passing the buck and finding objective reasons for not doing everything well.. Even if it’s genetic, even if it’s physically weak, then you don’t want to change your mind? There is something wrong with being a parent, and there is a good place to be a parent? When young and vigorous is not work hard, to old age, sorrow is useless.. Some children nowadays have a lot to worry about.     The child’s inheritance is also reasonable, the ammonites asked.. There is more and more evidence to prove that a person embodies more genetic certificates. Some diseases, hypertension and diabetes are related to heredity and lifestyle. Genetics has long been a basic science. Of course, the child’s coquetry about’ heredity’ is far from scientific heredity.. The inheritance of science is the explanation of human being itself made up of evidence chain, and the inheritance of children is only an argument found in front of criticism.. It is only natural for the son to inherit his parents’ special certificate, and it is also necessary for him to repeat it?!     In this view, scientific heredity is definitely a reliable thing. For example, the current DNA identification of biological parent-child relationship is by far the most accurate. In ancient times, there were blood drops and blood tests, which inevitably led to mistakes and omissions.. The scene in TV’ ” Zhen Huan Zhuan” is still fresh in people’s memory.. Today’s deoxyribonucleic acid has little chance of problems. Of course, deoxyribonucleic acid and blood tests are done by people in common. If there is another doctor and a queen, even the most brilliant deoxyribonucleic acid will not explain anything.. It is said that deoxyribonucleic acid is popular among the rich in some places. In front of the fact that the cold can not but let a person wry smile. What’s the point of human-to-human relations when they can’t be tested.     However, many of the inheritance beyond the biological significance is not very reliable. Such as the popular’ Lao Tzu Hero””’ Mouse’s Son Can Make Hole’ and so on. Lao Tzu’s hero, Lao Tzu’s Lao Tzu may not be a hero; The mouse can make holes, and the mouse’s son may have been unable to do anything in a rich living environment for a long time.. Or the opposite is not uncommon. There is also a saying that ” wealth does not last for three generations”, but now some people have accumulated tens of millions of assets in order to break this strange circle. According to the current normal standard of living, it is no accident that they will be rich if they can’t finish eating in 10 lives.. I have read some history sporadically and know that the history of a dynasty is generally several hundred years. Even the old empires of the past, such as the British Empire, Spain and Portugal in their heyday, and the Austro – Hungarian Empire, and even Peter the Great, have been in existence for hundreds of years.. The country’s emperor still can’t last long. Those who expect riches and honour to be permanent don’t know what can guarantee that wealth will remain permanent to their successors.. Hereditary? I can’t see any reliable basis.     One aspect of heredity is variation. Another aspect is the survival of the fittest. From reptiles to intelligent life, human beings can’t live without these things. Heredity is also influenced by environment and lifestyle. The above-mentioned diseases inherited by human beings, such as diabetes, have a dominant relationship with environmental life over the years.. Life is better, eat more, work less, exercise less, and the disease will come out more.. The selective expression of heredity, from a certain point of view, has a great relationship with individuals. For example, in the same lifestyle and living conditions, people who pay attention to exercise and maintenance may not necessarily show some symptoms, while others may have more problems.. This shows that how people face heredity has a great relationship with whether heredity is expressed positively or not..     The reason why people call people is that thoughts dominate actions and have a certain forward-looking understanding of the changes and development of things, and pay attention to connecting one phenomenon with other phenomena and understanding other aspects so as to get the best choice.. Hereditally, it is impossible for anyone to choose. Parents, not children can know. However, in the face of heredity, we can go a different way. Parents are farmers without culture. Many children do not farm now, but they can do business, write essays, finance, medicine, military affairs and art … Ah, some have also become people. This is the choice of society. My parents have a normal constitution, and my children have become Olympic champions and sportsmen. My parents have some patients, and my children pay attention to prevent them from happening … Ah, getting out of the genetic mire and reflecting the genetic advantage is not an issue for today’s people, but more an issue of whether they want to or not … Ah, I mainly want to say one thing: biological inheritance cannot and cannot be avoided, otherwise, they cannot be adults. The inheritance of society can be chosen and can surpass that of its predecessors.There is no reason for anyone to lie down on their parents’ inheritance and be lazy, and no one can use inheritance to evade his responsibility for life and life.. The greater initiative in human life lies in one’s own hands, not in heredity. Who thought you sneezed, not heredity, to be the master of your own life?!     July 29, 2012