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Home from bean to bean . Ah, the peeling of each bean, my mother quietly peeled green beans with her weather-beaten hands. She did not know how tired she was all her life, and each bean was still repeating all the things she should have . Ah, the lights of the living room were softly flowing with happiness, and the two pots of asparagus on the flower shelf appeared symmetrical and natural harmony on both sides of the curtain wall. The dog Wangwang had lost my joy when I entered the door, quietly lying on the ground, lying prone and looking at me as a familiar and strange master, the small tail still wobbled carelessly from time to time, and the clock ticking and ticking sound was a raindrop..     Beans are planted by mothers, and they are also willing to appear in their mother’s hands, because it is the mother’s sweat that reaps their season.     The night is always coming as scheduled, quietly turning over the years, silent peace warming the mood, but the childhood dream of joy leaped on my mind again.     My mother bowed her back and bent a little, and her face looked gaunt after all the vicissitudes of life, giving me a sense of guilt. My mother is old, but the clothes she wears are somewhat young. It’s a pity that she must look better when she is young..     The old picture on the avenue of stars is constantly flashing on TV. the mother who follows one’s inclinations under the screen can only hear a little atmosphere. she needs this kind of sound..     In the far back room, under the orange light, my father still cultivates his old dream, drawing pictures that will never be finished, and the room is quiet and peaceful outside.     I lay in the chair, surrounded by a piece of peace immersed in the desire of the past, and the wind softly did not know where it came from. Time has long since lost track of me in the old days, lighting a cigarette and looking at the cloud posture of smoke jumping..     With a little drunk, I quietly enjoyed the warmth for a long time.     The warm quilt on the bed is the mother’s heart.     Can drink some water, drink some water and then sleep. ‘ hazy, I do not know when, late father love warm sent a cup of old tea.     ‘ why is this fast asleep?! ‘ Side of the body, closed eyes are not language, silence, silent to avoid the long warm eyes, quiet, quiet but sour in my heart . Ah gently take the door, got up and walked quietly.     The moon has a very high cloud and is busy walking, but it can’t walk out of the old shadow in such a hurry..     In the middle of the night, with a belch, he poured out some wine and enjoyed his life. He lay down with his body again, and soon the house was full of wine. I don’t know when, his mother gently stood at the head of the bed..     ‘ Ya ah, drink less wine . ” Night so quietly wet the room, the moonlight without stinginess poured in from the window.     The body has been lying down, but the heart has flown there with the moon.     The night went by like this.     The sky is now bright.     Mother went to the food market after she had prepared the toothbrush and towel early, and did not say hello to the food. When I woke up, she was sitting in the living room waiting for me..     ‘ Next point, chicken soup . ” Mother then got up and went to the kitchen.     No, I asked a friend to eat rice flour crispy duck noodles. Then the wind also came down the stairs . Ah, the sound of mother’s voice rang from a distance upstairs, and several pumpkins she harvested came panting . Ah, Shawi in 2013. 10. 18 Fengle