A few more white hairs

You touched your head and smiled and said to me,’ Min, you see, I have white hair”, while I was listening to songs and playing with my mobile phone..   You have white hair? When did I not know?   Do you think I raised the volume again without hearing it.   But I did not dare to look up at you, so I had to lower my head gently’ oh’ a sentence.   I think you must be blaming me for not being dutiful.   You have white hair, does it mean you are no longer young? Does that mean you can’t let me ride on you like before? Does that mean I’m growing up and you’re getting older?   They say we are the best father and daughter in the world.   Every time I get hurt, you always give me courage.   You taught me to cook and wash clothes. You taught me to burn and grow vegetables. It was you who taught me all aspects of my life.   You taught me’ Military Chess’, you taught me to write, and you taught me to learn little by little.   Do you still remember the first song you taught me to sing when there are no rules for selling wine? Remember the first word you taught me to write” Min”? Remember the first historical figure you told me,’ Fang Zhimin’? You said you wanted your daughter to be as strong, brave, just and kind as Fang Zhimin.   Do you remember all this?   You never scolded me or hit me in more than ten years. You always spoke softly and talked to me.   When I was a child, you talked to me about study, achievements, dreams and kindness. When you grow up, you talk to me about career, work, marriage and society.   I’ll tell you everything.   From childhood to adulthood, you always respect me and support me. You always think I have my idea. And you chose to trust me.   When I first entered the school gate, we planted a peach tree on the fork road in front of the house together. You said I would grow up when the peach trees blossom and bear fruit..   I haven’t been back to my hometown for many years. I think the peach tree has grown up, and it will blossom and bear fruit in a few years..   We’ve had a lot of quarrels over the years, but you didn’t blame me.   My rebellion, my willfulness. You’re just waiting for me to grow up.   Now that I have grown up, you have added a little white hair.   You go to the front of the mirror and look carefully.   You touched your hair and said, ” This year is older than usual.” Through the mirror, I saw the silky white hair on my head, and suddenly my heart seemed to have been cut by a knife..   I have to admit that my parents are really no longer young.   Although the mother did not have white hair, she had a few crow’s feet in the corner of her eye, and her father had already put on reading glasses.   All along, you have been paying for me, but what have I returned to you?   I always complain that you didn’t give me a better material life, but I didn’t understand your bitterness. I have always been angry with you again and again, but I have never given you any concern.   I am a good friend in the eyes of my classmates and a good student in the eyes of my teachers, but I am not my parents’ little cotton-padded jacket.   Father walked out of the room after looking in the mirror, leaving me alone in the empty room for quiet reflection.