Afternoon essay

The rain started last night, and it rained moderately. I don’t know why, but I didn’t fall asleep until three o’clock in the morning. Get up groggy to prepare breakfast for the son who is about to take the mid-term exam, and go to work groggy again. At the end of the month, when the check-out date is reached, the number of elves in my eyes on weekdays is now as dim and yellow as my head. Only if you put it aside temporarily, will you lie down on the sofa beside the computer.     Endless fatigue.     It’s just a feeling. I don’t know where the specific fatigue is.     My son was once my pride, smart, healthy, sensible and loved. However, after school, the academic results have not been satisfactory. Not as good as expected.     Primary school is good, can keep in the middle and upper reaches of the level; It’s good to enter the first half of the first semester of the new year, while the results of the second half of the semester plummeted. Can’t mention, who learn who vulgar. Mother and son have no words to talk about intimacy no longer exists, and talking about anything again is perfunctory. Over time, perfunctory gave birth to strangeness. The strangeness became more perfunctory and became a vicious circle.. I talked to my son politely and not tactfully, and when I was flustered, I directly asked, ” What the hell are you thinking about?”! His answer directly choked you: ” I didn’t think anything.”. ‘ Again I was short of breath and waited in French, but I had to wait for a day or two and basically returned to the starting point on the third day.. Adolescence’s rebellion has burned my head. At the same time of anxiety, I was also scared and felt that I was going to lose or was losing the child..     Only silence. When he has finished his exam, he will find a way to solve it slowly. Think about yourself from an early age to a big age, and you have not let your parents have a little heart because of your study.. And the son, except for a competent father, did his best to provide him with all the conditions he could, so why didn’t he let people worry??! In front of reality, the meager personal strength is obvious.     After more than one communication with his son’s teacher, the teacher said, ” Lazy.”. I admit that fat children are more or less lazy, but the performance of their son at home is not really lazy.. Such as washing dishes at home, sending garbage and washing his underwear are all his jobs. When I am not feeling well, he can also be caring and attentive and bring tea and water. It’s procrastination that really hurts my brain. Every night, it is normal for homework to be done at the 11th and the 2nd, and all kinds of means have been used up to little effect.. For this reason, the teacher arranged his front, back, left and right sides for good students, hoping that he could effectively learn the learning methods and learning efficiency of these students, but his son did not seem to respond to this. When the class was over, the students around him were rushing to do their homework. He should play with his classmates and still play with his classmates..     A lot of people are urging me to say that children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, and don’t have to worry so much, they don’t have to go to college to eat.. To be fair, my son will not take me as his whole as he is now.. He will have his friends, his career, his wife and children, and I may only be a very small part of his life. But this is the choice of being a mother and a son. I can’t give up his education and upbringing because I can’t be his all in the future.? Moreover, it has been proved that the quality of formal school education is fundamentally different from that of social education.. A person who has no cultural background will be in danger of stepping on his feet when he reaches a certain height..     Two years ago, in the New Year’s greeting with our son, we had such a message, which is still posted at his desk: Son’s Word: Mom, I love you! You have worked so hard. I wish you success in your career in the new year, ease of work, constant laughter, success in your thoughts and good luck every day.!     My words: Son, mother wants you to be such a person: 1, healthy and happy. 2, kindness and integrity. 3. Have good habits. This is the wealth of your life. 4. Be responsible to the family and society. Mom loves you and will always love you.     After careful analysis, the expectation of a son is actually the most primitive and simple blessing of a mother.. I just don’t know when my son will be able to really understand. Today, as a mother, I took great pains with him.?