A few more days will be my birthday. In fact, I have always been dismissive of such things as birthday. Maybe it’s because he’s too small and too ordinary.   Yesterday, I took the opportunity to have dinner and told my family at will: ” This year’s birthday is just over.”. If you are lucky enough to live to 70 or 80, you will have two more birthdays. What do you think of this idea? ‘ My wife knows my temper and it is difficult to change it once it is said.. She also acquiesced. Sit quietly next to me for dinner.   The son said, ” Then buy you a birthday cake.”. No, but it doesn’t make any sense to get that thing on your birthday. ‘ Daughter – in – law took the message and said, ” Shall I make you a cake?”? ‘ I understand what they mean, I agree with them on my lips” but birthday”, in fact, I still want to express their wishes..   The grandson sitting next to me put down his rice bowl and said happily, ” I’m going to celebrate grandpa’s birthday.”! I don’t want to spoil everyone’s fun, nor do I want to change my mind. So I said, ” That’s it. On the birthday, grandpa and some noodles, grandson and grandpa pulled out some noodles together. How about that?”? Everyone thought the idea was good.   I think most people like birthday when they are young. Because for children, having a birthday is a very happy and happy thing. On that day, my mother will make delicious food and wear new clothes. My friend will also send many birthday wishes! Yes, I did when I was young.   In the depths of my memory, there will always be a beautiful fragment of my 10th birthday. Mother went into the kitchen after work. When I finished my homework, I saw that fried fish, yellow croaker and delicious noodles were already on the table.. Mother said, ” You are ten years old from today, and you are a big child.”. I don’t remember the blessing of’ Happy Birthday’ and so on, but my mother’s simple sentence is like a beacon.. Let me know that I have grown up. Can help mom do more things.   Later, I grew up. Of the brothers and sisters, I was the only one away from their parents. Not much can be done to help them.   Since I left home, I don’t want to have another birthday.   Married, every time my birthday comes, my wife always wants to set out to celebrate my birthday. But I rejected it again and again. Sometimes she asked me, ” Why don’t you want to have a birthday?”? ‘ There is really no reason to say the truth, but I am not interested in adult’s birthday..   Nevertheless, several times in decades of life are unforgettable.   At the age of 36, I graduated from graduate school. My wife specially prepared a sumptuous dinner party to celebrate my hard work for so many years. Looked at the table with at least six or seven meat dishes and two small handleless wine cups filled symbolically with wine.. After living together for so many years, she knew that I always did not drink or drink alcohol.. Today is’ the first time’ for the first time, but it’s kind and difficult. A bite down, spicy, bitter, burn all poured up. It’s better to be my wife. She drinks the rest of the wine for me. The next day, she asked me, how did dinner feel yesterday? ‘ yes! Yesterday was your birthday. At this moment I just woke up like a dream.  In western culture, lighting a birthday candle is a homage to a birthday child and can bring good luck to the child. In China’s tradition, it is generally the birthdays of respected parents in large families that are celebrated accordingly.   My son knew that I was studying Chinese and western comparative culture. I usually know that I don’t like birthdays, and I never reluctantly do so.. One day in 2011, they made a birthday cake for me. In the middle of the cake, the words ” 60th birthday” were impressively displayed. I happily accepted their blessing. Daughter – in – law handed over two ” tickets for the performance of the Russian National Ballet.”. On a specific day, they made the right arrangement and brought me a kind of joy and eternal happiness.