Double family life

On Friday, when I got home from work, my dog was already sitting on the sofa watching TV, holding snacks while watching funny Hong Kong dramas.. This time, I watched the princess marry into the bill. it is said that she’ saw it when she was’ young’, but now she is not’ young’, so I have fun in my memory.. I have corrected my youth statement more than once. I said I didn’t dare to say ” when I was young” because I was afraid of being supercilious by my grandmother.. As a result, the somebody else dismissed it and said that I did not dare to be act young. Alas, act young is act young. Who calls the family after the’ 95. It’s just painful to watch the TV series and cartoons she’s seen’ when she’s young’. Even if I read an old movie from beginning to end, I can understand the plot somehow.. But because people have seen it and like to jump back, I am depressed. She was ” young” when she was ( 5 ) years old, and an animated version of the movie took part in the baolian lamp regulations for dozens of times, remembering every word of her lines so that I could play with her directly. Now an original animated film has been watched more than ten times in Madagascar’s regulations, saying it is to train English listening and watch me become the lion Alex..     Put down my bag, take off my coat and put on my apron. I began to busy my dinner. The dog wants to eat soybean stew with pork feet, so he will stew pork feet with a pressure cooker on Thursday night. Now he will fry two dishes and cook a soup, and it will be done.. After the third invitation and the fourth invitation, the little man lazily moved to the table, sat down, picked up the chopsticks, tasted the fried bacon with green garlic and said,’ Oh, how delicious!’. Chewing nerves were suddenly activated and they tasted delicious. I reminded her to be careful about getting fat. People don’t care at all, ” I won’t get fat because the food in the school canteen is too bad to eat.”. You have a meat version of Lu Yu ( my hairstyle looks like Chen Luyu, who is in charge of Lu Yu’s regulations ), so eat less. ”. I have self-mocked Feijie for not having a waist, and I have always been described as having a meat version of Lu Yu by little people. I have paid for this dinner, but I have also been hit hard enough to be miserable. Well, the little man is making a gluttonous appearance. Don’t tell me to chew and swallow slowly, lest my stomach be uncomfortable and let my injured careful take comfort..     After dinner, I accompanied her to see the bill that the princess would marry. I washed dishes, then made tea, pared pears and took a bath and went to bed.. I said help me press my feet and I do sit – ups. I was fed a mouthful of pears and said, ” Do less today, 3.0 will be the same, otherwise I will be too tired.”. Look, it’s better to have a daughter. How filial I am. Cut, feed mouth pear is filial piety, that still I washed cut good cut. Forget it, don’t dispute with little people, I generously touched her little face and praised it.     On Saturday, wake up early in the morning, look at only 6: 00, and continue to sleep. At 7: 45, when I woke up again, the little man woke up and turned around and got into my arms. I put one leg on her. This is a classic move that our mothers rely on each other.. I told her that when she fell asleep last night I didn’t fall asleep, she talked a lot in her dreams, saying that she danced and talked about grilled fish or something, with a smile on her face and a smile from time to time.. The little man said, ” Really, how can I get it? If I grow up, it will be funny.”? I said that if you study hard now, you will surely be a good university in Canada and settle down in Canada. Then you will find a foreign son – in – law, and you will have to speak English in your dream, otherwise people will not understand or hear it and will not be able to talk to you like Niang in your dream.. The little man laughed and said, ” It’s fun to have such a funny mother as you.”. I said, of course, Ben Niang has always been imitated and never surpassed.     At 9: 00, two people sat up at the same time to see who put on the clothes first. After breakfast, the dog went to wald to learn English, while the mother did housework and did a good job of buying vegetables at the market. Little people eat, the soup is very exquisite, the food is delicious and looks more comfortable. Busy with four dishes and one soup, they are all satisfactory dishes for small people.     Wait for a while, the little man came back. Wash your hands and eat. Ask me at the dinner table how to arrange the afternoon. I said I didn’t arrange it and slept at home.. I was assessed as not having any interest, saying why didn’t I go to find Aunt Qiaomei to do beauty treatment? By the way, I went to the supermarket to buy her some’ delicious’ food and bring it back. As for what tastes good, the dog looked at me with tacit understanding and said’ you know’. I turned over my eyes and said, ” I don’t understand. I don’t go anywhere. I sleep and have a headache.”.     My head really hurt again, so I slept until 5: 30 and got up quickly to cook dinner. As a result, the little man delayed returning, called and found that the machine stopped at noon. I didn’t think of helping others recharge it in the afternoon.. I was regretting that a friend called and just caught helping me recharge my batteries.. Hung up the phone and saw the dog downstairs from the kitchen window and saw me standing at the window. The dog made a superhuman gesture and refrained from laughing to open the door for her, lest the dog rebuke me for being slow again..     Dinner, eating and listening to her talk about the fun of her senior sister and teachers. After supper, after finishing packing, I changed my shoes and went downstairs. Little people don’t accept my invitation to exercise together and question my decision: ” You really want to be a runaway mother.”? I said yes, take my waist back and show you what kind of beauty your mother was when she was young. Little people laugh: ” Forget it, Mother Empress, you are now suitable to be a beauty of temperament, even if you have a small waistline, you will see a meat version every day” Lu Yu has an appointment ” pretty good too.”.    Cut, this little man, too lazy to ignore him, went downstairs and walked around the community three times quickly, just half an hour. Jumping upstairs step by step, the little man heard the sound of opening the door for me in time: ” so fast, I’m not gasping for breath, and I’m still walking away.”.     On Sunday, another sunny day, she woke up at 6 o’clock to call her sister-in-law and remind her to bring her little nephew and meet at 11 o’clock in Han Xuange of Fugui Garden..     Go to sleep. Wake up at nine o’clock, hurry up and wash and dress, ready to go out. It is planned to take No. 17 to No. 30 or No. 206 to No. 8, get off at Meiling and walk a little further, so you can reach Han Xuange.     Out of the village gate, the villain began to fool: ” Mother Empress, let’s take a taxi.”? I firmly rejected: ” No, waste.”. There’s a lot of time and the bus is convenient. We will definitely not take a taxi..     When I arrived at Yangzi River Road, I saw that the bus was vanishing, and a taxi came rushing down with a sign. I hesitated whether to take a taxi, but the car stopped before my hand was lifted up.. I said who wants to take a taxi and who pays for it, the little man is proud: My coffers don’t pay for your car, because first, it’s your car. The second is that you lazy not to take the driver’s license test to make us out of the car.     ” Let’s go,” she said. ” It’s hard to keep a small person, and I don’t care about it with her.”. When I got to Meiling, I paid to get off the bus and was amazed to find that weeping willows on both sides of Shi Kefa Road were already full of tender green shoots.. I have lived in Zhuxi for a long time and left there for a long time now, so I still feel very cordial when I go back to my former territory.. Exclamation, walking, soon arrived at Han Xuange, sister-in-law and little nephew have arrived. When I entered the store, I presented my food order voucher, sat down and asked my nephew if he wanted me. The 13 – year – old boy who had just entered the sound change period was no longer as sticky as he was when he was a child, and he told me ” No”. I was so miserable that this Korean food was ordered only to see me’ Dear Little Nephew’ (‘ Little Man’s Jealousy’ )! Is sad, the somebody else added a sentence’ even father also don’t want to’. My sadness has been relieved a lot. Bro is the father of the family. The family doesn’t want to. Am I not a aunt? It doesn’t matter..     The food soon came up one after another. Although online group buying was much cheaper than directly coming to the store, the food was still quite abundant. The two little people were always in charge of the cook’s power, baking pork with five flowers, beef with fat, steak with steak, and prawns with prawns. They were very busy.. After eating and drinking, we decided to walk along Hangou to the ancient canal and go back to our old house in Zhuxi.     Along the river, the water in Hangou and the ancient canal rose a lot, with willow dragging thin green and peach blossoms propping up small bracts.. It is estimated that in another week, the water’s edge will be full of spring.     After a long stroll, my head began to ache again, and I decided to end this family reunion and return to my home.. By way of the market, I saw an aunt selling head knives, leeks, purple stalks and thick dark green leaves.. Chinese chives are my favorite vegetable and my dog’s. The old man said that Chinese chives eat head and tail, so although there are Chinese chives in the home, he bought a kilo without thinking about it..     Go back and immediately fall under the sofa with a splitting headache. The little man kept asking questions and making tea for me, and promised to cook dinner for me. ” Mother empress, it’s good to have a daughter. Look how close I am. If I were a son, it would definitely be crazy outside, no matter whether you have a headache or not.”. This little person is narcissistic. I said I would like to have a son to see if it is really not filial as you said.. The little man exclaimed, ” No, no, no, your old man is already old. Don’t take risks.”. As soon as I arrived, I was old and dizzy.     Double cease, happy.     Yang Su was in Yangzhou in 2012.3. 26