Father Haichong’s Immortal Scenery for One Thousand Years

( Original Prose. Author of Chongqing Changshou Blind Person: Wang Dawen’s father sea has created tens of thousands of hectares of scenery in one go, with a bearing of several square kilometers! Father Hai never dried up, never felt lonely, never shed tears for thousands of years!     This sea and beach, facing life, facing the years, facing the season and the world dialogue: through the wet season bound genealogies, turning and turning, page by page, the ancestors always sparkled with bloody surnames, the fallen surnames, the surnames that crashed into the reef, the surnames that fell from the hurricane, all the surnames were filled with the popularity of blood.!     All surnames are surging in the main melody of father! All the fathers were standing on the coast of the vast and powerful! All the coasts are condensed into father’s natural and unrestrained and magnificent beauty!     Father, the sea is full of songs and tears and the scenery is immortal for thousands of years.! With the deep exploration and expansion of the sea area, the wind is wandering along the road of life, the road of life, the road of exploration, the road of solemn and stirring and the road of boldness.!     Father Haiyang has never extinguished the flames of leaping movements for thousands of years.! Father never touts lifelike bearing after thousands of years of ups and downs.!     Father stands for the novelty and grandeur of the dock, stands for the beauty of lakes and mountains, stands for the charm and allure of islands, and stands for the carnival and joy of birds.!     My father told the motherland – I am a bloody sunken ship, eager to salvage and rescue adventurers, eager to storm warning, eager to survive and rise in the tide, through the surging feet of scavengers, the soaring winds of scouts, the pursuit of wind through the sails of mountain horns, the yearning of the moon at sea, through tourists and cameras, and through drilling machines and expedition teams.! When my mother was in pain, I managed to ferry the spectacular sunrise at sea to attract virgins to the waves and men to enjoy themselves.!     I can’t drink the old cellar I brewed in one thousand years! I can’t drink up my pain and nurture! I am a father’s sea area, I am a mother’s son, and I am me. This unalterable blood relationship has forced me to learn to dig deep into the green coast with rubies for a thousand or even ten thousand years, forever and ever.!     Men who swim across the father’s sea never refuse storms, waves and reefs, the temptation to die, the destruction of sunken ships, the forgetfulness of love, the abandonment and preference of women, and the samsara and teasing of fate.! Desire death, desire to crush, desire to excrete!     I died several times in my father’s sea and lived several times! Once died brilliantly, died bravely, and died with great dignity! Once despairing several times, shouting several times!     However, the upbringing of my parents forced me to learn to swim at sea and become a fat whale.! Father’s reverence and preciseness taught me to be a man! I learned the posture of swimming! In the face of father sea’s gift, my flesh and blood are ready to sow! On the mighty sea, my soul is in pain, in pain!     Destroyed life, from now on! The dead soul, rough from now on! The role of shattered, from now on! Excretion of art, natural and unrestrained from now on!     Father Hai’s life only takes care of life experience and life search! Tough life, white coral of memory, three primary colors of dream, mother’s charm and wife’s age! A broad mind to accommodate sowers and cultivators! Liaoyuan skin, accept the charm of mirage! The sea water is salty, salty life, which makes explorers forget! What a carnival angle, what a carnival state!     Father’s sea launched a terrifying association with the theme of life! Afraid that the dead will begin to ebb, the brave are ready to go to the seaside to meet their victorious lovers.! The blooming period as expected was full of nudity!     Collect wild milk, collect elegance, collect poetry and inspiration! We revel, we surprise! Carnival life was roaring, and the soul of surprise set off an August storm!