Filial piety blossomed in fragrance

Flowers are blooming in spring, with thousands of purple and thousands of red flowers, making people feast for the eyes and stop to watch. I also like flowers, whether they are brightly colored or quietly colored, but none of the natural flowers is my favorite, because all the flowers are the same beauty in my heart.. People say that women are like flowers. Indeed, my wife is the most beautiful flower in my heart.. This is not because the wife has the appearance of national color, but because she has a pure gold – like filial piety, which blooms and fills my heart, intoxicates me, makes me happy, makes me comfortable, and makes me grateful.. Today’s spring is warm and sunny. After a busy morning, I suddenly remembered my mother’s indigestion and constipation at noon. When I left home in the morning, I found only one banana left in the fruit bowl. Because seventy years of age’s mother is often constipated, the family has some digestive drugs, honey, black sesame paste, bananas and apples in stock. As I was going home late, I called my wife to buy some fresh bananas at the fruit supermarket when she came home from work.. My wife walked over to tell me after answering the phone, ” I have bought all the vegetables and sent them home.”! The school is very close to my home, about 10 minutes away. After hearing this, my heart was warm, sweet and grateful, and I couldn’t help thinking of the past.. My wife and I have been married for 22 years, of which I have brought together parents suffering from cerebral thrombosis since 2000. My brothers and sisters are four, and I am the third. Brother and sister are farmers, and my sister and I are’ workers’. In more than 10 years of living with their parents, their wives and parents have never been angry or blushed once.. My father lived in hospitals in Shenyang and Tieling many times before his death, and my mother also lived in hospitals. Every time my wife and I took care of each other with care, she took pains after busy schedule.. At the same time, their medical expenses are basically paid by us, and we can completely buy a beautiful car with the money our parents usually take medicine, so we can’t still ride bicycles to work today.. In addition to taking medicine, my wife always buys clothes and delicious food to my parents, and is very generous and caring to my parents’ wife, just as she treats her own parents, even more than she spends on her own parents.. Even if I want to be filial, if my wife opposes it, then our life will not be harmonious, happy and warm, and my wife is more considerate than I am. I haven’t found a better daughter-in-law than my wife among the people I have contacted. My wife didn’t complain about what I did for my parents, even I fully supported my grandmother’s financial contribution and elder brother’s hospital care.. My wife’s good and filial piety is really a virtue of moving heaven, and it really makes me grateful, and it is also a great blessing from my past life. His wife’s filial piety, kindness and proficiency really inspire the sun and the moon and are as bright and fragrant as flowers. A few days ago, when the unit selected filial piety daughter – in – law, I jokingly said, ” If you want to sign up for the election, you will definitely be number one,” the wife said solemnly, ” I don’t want to covet that false name, and I don’t like to make public myself.”. ‘ looking at his wife’s beautiful face, my heart suddenly rose a layer of respect. She is indeed a bright flower of filial piety in my heart. A person who does good to his parents is rightfully filial to his parents, because filial piety is a traditional virtue of our Chinese nation, and family ties with blood thicker than water will never be abandoned.. However, in today’s society, filial piety to the daughter-in-law and filial piety to the son-in-law are really commendable. Not only are daughters-in-law and sons-in-law who have filial piety more capable of practicing filial piety, but they are also valuable.. Family and all things are prosperous, and their role in the family is even more obvious.. A pair of parents have no regrets about raising many children, but at the same time, how many children are struggling to raise a pair of parents. A good daughter-in-law understands the principle of righteousness and filial piety to her parents – in – law, which is indeed a great love, a positive energy of society and a cultural and spiritual connotation lacking in today’s society.. With filial piety, filial piety and filial piety in the family, there will be few disputes and troubles, which will give parents a warm, happy, happy and happy feeling, and will also make the brotherhood more profound and lasting.. Although the wife is just a common teacher, the glow of filial piety on her body makes her shine in my heart, in the heart of my parents, and in the eyes of brothers and sisters.. I am grateful to my wife for supporting my parents with me, so that they can have a sense of security, happiness, medical care and happiness in their later years.. The wife’s filial piety is as beautiful as flowers, and the fragrance of flowers overflows so that the family can enjoy the fragrance of tea and flowers.. It is difficult to be a person, to be a good person, and to be a good daughter-in-law of filial piety.. My wife knows how to give up, how to give money and effort, how to give warmth and morality, how to accompany her in my slow journey of life, and how to live a happy life. My mother may live a long life, and my father under Jiuquan will be very pleased.. I want to take good care of and cherish this flower of filial piety to make her blossom brighter and more beautiful.