Grandfather, Old House, Buttonwood

The chill wind rustled, the cold rain fluttered, and the winter in Guangdong really came. Looking out of the window at the quivering green rose, I felt sad and sad, and my thoughts also flew back to my home beyond the waters of Qian Shan.. As if, I saw the old house again, the stout old wutong tree and the tall figure of my grandfather.     The old house in memory is a big house made of blue bricks and grey tiles. It is quiet and serene with a desolate look. Listen to my grandfather, this old house was built by him for more than 100 pieces of light and ocean.. In the old street decades ago, the old house was once quite magnificent. When I was a child, my parents were busy and my grandfather took care of us at home. The old man’s family was very gracious and showed a feudal dignity in his bones. The whole family respected him very much.. Grandfather, though unsmiling, was tolerant of his children. This is often the case: when we are naughty and poking a leak to be beaten, grandfather will always show up in time and pull us to his side, giving his father a low drink and a lesson word by word: ” Children are too young to be beaten.”. ‘ With my grandfather in, how much flesh and blood have we suffered less!     Grandfather likes red flowers and green grass very much. The small garden behind our house is in good order, which he picked up.. There are about a dozen flowers in the garden. Under the care of my grandfather, the flowers are always fragrant all the year round.. My grandfather planted several fruit trees around the yard to satisfy the children’s appetite. When I saw the first sight of the fruit hanging, my brother and I would lay our little finger in my grandfather’s arms and never tire of asking, ” When will the fruit be ripe?”? Grandpa. ‘ It’s funny to say that pomegranates in the home are usually not yet ripe, and the fruits on the branches have already been eaten very little by us. Only when persimmons are not ripe, they are difficult to shed their mouths, so they can survive on the branches..     There is a buttonwood tree in the corner of the courtyard, with a straight trunk and leafy branches, like a canopy. When grandpa was born, grandpa tai planted it for him for decades. On hot summer days, neighbors always like to move a small bench to sit under a big tung tree to enjoy the cool, often praising it as a treasure tree. Grandpa was very happy to hear this: ” My family has buttonwood trees, and I don’t want phoenix to come. My family is a treasure, and it is called phoenix.”! Grandfather is very fond of literature and has a good memory. He is a man of dozens of years old and reads poems fluently.. The old man especially liked the heroic style of good poetry. When he was free, his grandfather would move out of a cane chair, tidy up his clothes and sit on it solemnly, put on his reading glasses on the copper edge, hold an old book with yellow thread and dress, and teach us to recite poems in cadence: ” The sky is high and the clouds are light, looking at the south geese.”. If you don’t reach the Great Wall, you’re not a hero. You only have 20,000 trips..     At the peak of Liupan Mountain, the red flag swept over the west wind. Today long tassel in hand, when to tie the black dragon? Every time I read the word ” dragon” at the end of the seam, my grandfather would slap the armrest of the cane chair and lean back gently with a loud exclamation: ” Good article! ‘ I sometimes look up, by the way, the sky is blue with blue tiles and spotless with water, and geese line up to fly to the south in good order. The leaves of buttonwood trees are also shining in the autumn sun, golden yellow, the trees are ripe, the autumn wind blows, the leaves dance lightly with the wind, and all over the floor in circles..     I asked my grandfather, ” Why did geese fly south?”? Grandfather said, ” It’s home in the south. It’s cold in winter. It’s going to go home.” ” Why can’t I fly wild geese far away?”? You’re still young, and when you grow up, you will be able to fly if you study a lot, study well and have hard wings.. Fly to the Great Wall and take Grandpa to the Great Wall! When winter comes, my brother and I put on thick cotton-padded clothes. Grandpa often pulls us and carefully looks at the old tung tree, teaching us to count the remaining leaves one by one. When the last dead leaf floated away with the wind, the snow covered the northern land. We don’t go out to play anymore. We bake in the house and run every house.. Only the old wutong tree, still not afraid of the cold, stands proudly in the snow.     A few more years later, we all grew up, went to school and worked, and no longer snuggled up to his grandfather to listen to his story. Occasionally, I will find his old man’s house alone staring silently at the buttonwood tree, his silver hair floating in the wind, and his eyes that twinkle in the past are clouded.. Grandfather is really old, just like the old buttonwood tree that has endured several years of wind and rain, and his youth has passed away and will never return..     In the summer when I took part in the work, on that hot afternoon, my 80 – year – old grandfather went to heaven forever. Listen to the father, grandfather walked peacefully, his face ruddy, his mouth with a smile, like sleeping soundly.. It was that summer that the old buttonwood tree seemed to be growing more and more luxuriant unexpectedly with all its strength.. The next year, the old tree never spit out any new green again, and went with grandpa forever. I guess grandpa must have called him to heaven for company.     The last time I went back, my uncle said he would flip the new house and tear down the old courtyard left by my grandfather. The small garden was also laid on the foundation. In a few days, the beautiful building will rise and the last shadow of the old house will disappear forever..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]