And the first appearance of Sadr

There are too many unforeseeable things in life, too many surprises are always casual, but these accidents are the highlights of the years.. Knowing you is fate, not knowing you is fate. Perhaps, as you said, meeting is fate, but not meeting is fate. What you get is an edge, and what you don’t get is an edge. Zen’s words at the moment you gently spit out, I saw an unexpected edge – bull in a trance. & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; I always like to tap the keyboard on a quiet afternoon or on an undisturbed night and turn it into a flowing text or find a harbor in the corner of the net.. Every now and then, I always hear a piece of music shed tears or sing a song to silence.. At this time when no one is bothering, I gently shed all my tiredness and dance with my soul for a short time.     Like Bandari and Richard & Bull; clayderman’s music, like the sounds from nature in the music, or the tinkling of springs, or the singing of birds in deep canyons, or the thin morning mist transpiration between the sun and the woods, can instantly dissolve all the loss and exhaustion with joy and fluency.. I always write the whispers of autumn in the year-old China, and I also hide my feelings to Alice in my heart.. Always dissolve yourself in a state of mind at that moment, then force yourself to learn to forget some worldly things, and then make a beautiful dream about love and tomorrow.!     Until that day, your appearance, let me unexpectedly and a stranger Tan Xing daihatsu. Maybe it’s accumulated depression for a long time, maybe it’s congenial! I feel the warmth of meeting an old friend in another country while singing a kite in high mountains and running water, and I also know Sadr ( Sad Angel ) in your introduction.. This piece is a famous Russian pianist and composer Igor & Bull. Creutui’s Works. It is the perfect combination of piano and saxophone. When the prelude to the tune comes to mind, I have been deeply attracted by it.     This song describes a slightly vicissitudes of life and lonely man, shielding himself in an equally unusual cafe on an ordinary afternoon. Outside the window are scenes of unusual and unusual life drama: a graceful girl’s search and waiting attracts his attention, the main melody slides out of the piano with a little excitement, and the picture extends the beauty of love.. Guanle cleverly replaced the main melody in the past. This was followed by a series of street scenes, the joy of scavengers, Labradors and grandmothers, the joy of innocent little girls, Ming Yan Zhao’s millimeter and the thrilling street robbery, with melodies echoing the ups and downs of life..     When the tune sounded, I didn’t hear sadness, but I felt a flowing injury and happiness after listening to it all the time.. I don’t know how Igor combined these two emotions. This sadness hides outside happiness. Happiness is yours and sadness is mine. And I just looked at your happiness outside the glass window as a spectator, sad about my past. I stood far out of your window, looking at the warmth of the room, looking at your happy smile, looking at you holding your heart and hands together, that kind of pain has hurt every cell of me.. I am a traveler’s loneliness, I make public my feelings for you, but what can I do? I am always a traveler of your life, the unfairness of your fate, but I want me to appreciate your happiness cruelly.! At the moment, I feel so pale and powerless. Your happiness has become my despair and my permanent injury.! All sentient beings, who is the beauty in life, who is the fetter of your happiness, and who is in order to turn on the heart lamp and dim it.?     At this moment, I saw tears in my heart, and I saw myself, just like a passer-by in a song, watching silently, watching year after year, watching your happiness and feeling infinite sadness.. Everyone is a musician in life, and is deducing his own story, but what about our story? Near the late feet, but across the river! The beauty of loneliness is always closed in that window.     Sadr made me seem to see myself, see the pale future, and even see me as a passer-by in your life, always kneading sadness and happiness into opium poppy in my heart, a little poisoned, yet once beautiful, yet holding the thread tightly in my hand and refusing to give up! Just how long will this sadness last? I really don’t want this kind of land to end!     Sadr’s music has permeated the room again and again, and the heart has been filled with its flowing wounds. I just want to say: I have been your happy spectator in this life, and in the afterlife, can you make my life look forward to it? Then, from now on, I only remember your happy appearance and the vicissitudes of life I’ve been waiting for & bull; & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; & Bulls; Kite flower on Tuesday, October 2013, FIFA