The 30th Anniversary of Graduation from the Same Window Party Stone Carving Union and Pencil Holder Union

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the graduation of students from the 7.8 – level two classes of agricultural meteorology at our Nanjing Meteorological Institute ( now Nanjing University of Information Engineering ). Students at home and abroad all hope to return to their alma mater for a party and set up a preparatory group..   Grade 78 is the second batch of freshmen after the college entrance examination reform, only half a year short of the first grade 77. The reform of college entrance examination has changed the fate of our generation as well as that of China.. The reunion with classmates is a very rare and grand event.. In 2002, classmates held a party for 20 years after graduation.   At the 30th anniversary of graduation party, everyone thought that a commemorative pen container should be created, with a lettering on it. I wrote a book to commemorate the pen container before and sent it to the preparatory group for comments..   Yesterday, Beijing schoolmate Jie Chunming and Sydney Gong Peihua called one after another. Cloud schoolmate Lvjiang gave his alma mater a stone inlaid with characters, hoping to be 8 to 10 characters. Many schoolmates recommended me to write couplets, so I was assigned the task.. Guiyang Zheng Xiaobo schoolmate also said this in the mail. The students did not dare to disobey their orders, so they had to hurry up to get a copy of the book and mail it to the preparatory group together with the previous commemorative pen container book ( revised edition ), which may not be appropriate. Please revise and decide..  [ Carving Stone Words ]: The kindness of my alma mater, the high mountains and the long waters – the 30th anniversary of graduation of 78 – year – old students majoring in agricultural meteorology will be presented to my alma mater[ Carving Commemorative Pencil Pen Words ]: 30 years after graduation from the same school, and Qiu Guang will gather in Nanqi Hospital in 2012 .7 . 13