A Time in Yi Chan

The days were inadvertently turned page by page in 2014, leaving only a few days left. Looking back on this year and even this life, how many people have missed each other and how many visitors have looked back? Those who knew each other eventually became less familiar, and those who loved each other eventually fell apart.. The long-term agreement, the long-term agreement, the long-term agreement and the long-term agreement have all become wishful thinking and empty talk.. The fate of the sky you’re going to and fro, who’s right and who’s wrong has gone with the wind, and the answer lies only in everyone’s heart, and the answer is finally verified by time.. Maybe the person who has entered the heart still has a sweet sadness after many years of thinking, like the old injury that still has a dull ache every rainy day..     Time, hurry and hurry, peach blossom thanked spring red. For those lost Shaoguang, we can only watch it slip away lightly, like the fallen flower in the water, only watch it flow away, float away and disappear.. How much time have we wasted in this life and how much time is still being wasted? Heaven and earth have eternal life, this body is no longer available. Life is only a hundred years old, and this day is the easiest to live by. Fortunately, those who live in the meantime must not be unaware of the joy of their lives, nor must they not bear the worry of living in vain…….     In winter in the south, the sun is always stingy. Sometimes I show my face once in a while to let people feel the warmth of winter sun. It didn’t take long for even a shadow to disappear.. The thick clouds covered the sky again, the ash secretly, accompanied by the cold air southward, and the wind, though not biting, was also cool through the heart.. No wonder a friend from Beijing came a few days ago and said that the south and I wore as much as the north, and didn’t feel hot either. The wet cold in the south is worse than the sunny cold in the north, and the cold feeling has nothing to do with the temperature. I have already worn down jacket for fear of the cold, S Jun said with a smile, what would you do if you went back to your hometown??     On Christmas Day this two days, light rain makes the dry winter wet. The factory had to have a three-day holiday and work overtime at night because the village had a three-day power outage to repair the line at the end of the year.. That afternoon, I went to the green garden upstairs to clean it. I like to raise some flowers because there are flowers to enjoy at four o’clock. I think the roses and carnations are still in full bloom in my green garden at this season, plus the drizzle like spring.. Two pots of daffodils under the water tower were picked up by me at the beginning of the year when others threw away the withered flowers. I cut the leaves and buried the roots in the soil. Nearly a year later, I almost forgot, only to find that all the dry roots have sprouted green shoots, the longest being two or three centimeters, and the flowers have not been able to raise flowers, which makes me a little excited.. In fact, every flower is an angel. As long as you put your heart into it, it will blossom beautifully. I hope my daffodils will bear yellow and white flowers and bones during the Spring Festival, because I have enough patience to wait.     I’m not interested in foreign festivals like Christmas. Friends are sending peace wishes to each other in space.. I also forwarded a message to Mei and received a reply that the other party rejected the message. I know that after a series of changes, Mei, who was robbed of her husband by a car accident, has changed greatly in temperament. Mei, who loves to talk and laugh, has become another person, reticent and melancholy. Mei’s heart has been taken away by her lover, leaving only a body as quiet as a sculpture, which makes people feel uneasy about it.. Afraid of touching her wound, which can only be cured by time. However, I still want to bless Mei and survive the frost and snow. May your world still blossom in spring.     Always think life is a wonderful trip. You set yourself a goal and move in this direction. In addition to enjoying the scenery along the road, you also have to overcome all kinds of difficulties that may arise. The rugged road is more physically fatigued.. The front is always full of temptation, attracting you to keep moving forward, and then you will rush to the next goal. I think people are constantly changing themselves. If you don’t change and learn to adapt to the environment, you will eventually be eliminated.. In my spare time in the store these days, I wore the red and white round agate stones with yellow wood beads, 18 beads and 8 bracelets.. The perfect match between wood and stone reminds me of the red chamber verse: all roads are good ties of gold and jade, and I only read about the former union of wood and stone. The sky is shining with snow at the top of the mountain, never forgetting the lonely forest of real fairy trees.     Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, but we still need to move from the beginning to the end.. This year is the end and the beginning. Sometimes the reality runs counter to the ideal. Across the bank is the world of mortals. Life is always half heaven and half hell, half sea and half fire, half bright and half sad.. Buddha said: phase is born from the heart, and condition is created from the heart. The heart does not move, everything does not move, and if it does not move, it will not hurt. Xinran, like this misty and rainy south of the Yangtze River, is as picturesque as poetry without sunshine. Everything is in the state of mind and has nothing to do with the environment.. Real contact with the Internet for nearly two years, looking through the text at the beginning, childish and clumsy words did not reach the target.. Do not forget your initiative mind, so as to achieve your final goal, can withstand the apathy in the early stage and have smooth sailing in the later stage, can they? My micro-store has been open for a period of time, and the business is deserted. Am I not working hard enough? Not all things are as bad as you think, not as smooth as you think, and it may be possible for the last person to succeed..    The night was still and the rain outside the window was intermittent. Xu had a cup of strong coffee in the afternoon, but his mind was still awake and he enjoyed the quiet of this moment.. At this point, the door is worldly flashy, the door is cloud water Zen mind. Brushed away a suit of dust, unloaded his armor, took off his mask, and became a true me, plain clothes and plain heart, Yi Chan a lotus a time.     ( December 26, 2014, TWELVE Day and Night ) )