As far as cyber space is concerned, we dare not expect it

[ Original Text ]Love, hate, hatred and wanton expression of feelings. False, true, true, false and disorderly are all permeated by my hot feelings. The space is full of footprints of my fire.   For a long time, I always have the taste of’ my space is my own thing’! Laughing and scolding, never avoiding taboo. I think that real life always has real feelings. The joys and sorrows are purely natural. And why can’t I express myself freely in my space and write a stirring heart??     Today, I was very upset after reading H’s novel. The scale of his life, the calculation of his interaction with others, came out on paper. I couldn’t help breath in a gasp. Questioned him: ” I am in you so what is a value?”? ‘ in a fit of pique, left. From a long time ago, I felt that he was the kind of person who did not do practical things with rhetoric.. However, he insisted: ” Writing is a lonely thing, and some people will be more motivated with writing.”. ‘ People rarely have goals and dedication to work. I also wanted to write, and promised to write with him. However, people always need to help, understand and respect each other when they interact with each other.. It’s not about the size of interests. If anyone takes advantage of it, his heart will always be indignant.. In a fit of pique, he got off the line and grumbled about space. I asked a series of questions: ” Why is this world full of darkness?”? Why intrigue, why cheat? I also wrote: ” Poetry and calligraphy are harmful to people, and harm people’s minds. They are not up to date and do not adapt to society.”! ‘ get home at night. Open the buckle. Didn’t want to, but see elder sister’s message. Words to the point, I don’t know whether because I called her elder sister, such criticism, like can’t help criticizing his little sister. A burst of emotion: ” The Internet is illusory, and the heart is real.”! ”. Another burst of guilt: My casual words have caused people to worry about me.     Carefully think about it, oneself really should also convergence. From the opening of space to the present, my free expression is not a misunderstanding between two people. Sometimes, I can’t tell things in real terms, so I borrow things or make up situations to express my mind.. Things are more or less imaginary, but the feeling is true, the feeling is true, and I put myself into it as my own experience, which makes so many people who care about me worry about me from time to time and worry about whether I have any side effects, quietly pinching the sweat for me from time to time, and also can’t help leaving messages for me from time to time.. I usually do what I want. I thought I wrote my heart by hand. How can I not write when my heart has become flexible?. There are joys and sorrows in life, don’t I save the sorrows and sufferings in life and have to pretend smiling faces in my own space? Also Lai Pi’s thought: I don’t change, just don’t change, anyone who likes to misunderstand will misunderstand.. Those who misunderstand must not understand me, and those who understand me must not misunderstand me.     In this way, I set my emotions on fire everywhere. Love, hate, hatred and wanton expression of feelings. False, true, true, false and disorderly are all permeated by my hot feelings. The space is full of footprints of my fire. My space is not an article, it is an emotion. Like a raging wind blowing emotions all over the sky.     Today, the pragmatic elder sister became true. ” Little sister, life is colorful, not so sad, you are a little extreme.”! Oh, yes!I suddenly woke up. An H can subvert the whole society and all human nature. What’s more, he didn’t do anything wicked to me.. It’s just cheating and coaxing me to do some free work for him. My in the mind a moment of indignation. A moment of anger, words really extreme, too much. hi! As soon as the mind is hot, people love to talk too much.     I patted my head and had to change it. In terms of age, people in their thirties can’t always speak without being stopped. In a sense, let some people who care about me and trust me worry for nothing, which is not honest.     Since then, he has kept his mouth shut, carefully said and acted, and never said anything like that again. There is true feelings on the Internet, so when it is like a real human being, it cannot be created arbitrarily. This is called responsibility![ Responsibility Editor: Leaf[ Original ]