Baby, I want to watch you grow up quietly like this

In everyone’s mind, the concept of mother is meticulous, it is to work hard, it is to love, it is to warm, it is to care! It’s serene. Maternal love is the most holy emotion in the world. A mother’s love is the laughter that accompanies her whole life, a mother’s love is the thoughts of wandering the world, a mother’s love is the concern and anxiety of her children before they go to bed, and a mother’s love is the talk and expectation of their children’s growth.. Maternal love is the final destination of the wandering children in the world and a clear spring to moisten children’s hearts. It is accompanied by a sip of children’s drink and a continuous stream. Therefore, the lingering of maternal love is integrated into the laughter and tears of children.. Therefore, there is only one aria from the thread in the hands of a fond-hearted mother by Meng Jiao!     From the moment the children are born, we have a hope that they will grow up quickly, be healthy, become useful and be happy.. However, when they really grow up and fear that their hearts will move away from us, perhaps the mother will move along with her children’s age, gradually changing from looking down on them to looking down on them, and then gradually looking up as she grows older.. If a mother always knows flexibility and growth in her life, then her children are happy and her body and mind are healthy..     When a young seedling is carefully cultivated and irrigated, it gradually forms its own personality and personality and needs more recognition, affirmation and respect. However, they did not fully form a correct outlook on life, so they were confused and stubborn.. The right patience and guidance are needed at this time. Rather than being silent, insisting or shouting at children. Therefore, educating children is a book that cannot be finished.     On the way of children’s growth, all the dots are like a mirror. I have seen too many shortcomings and shortcomings of myself and always want to make corrections and efforts. As a result, I always have no patience to persist. Perhaps, it is not too late. I need to cultivate and adjust my mentality, not always grow too small.. A good mother in mind is not the child’s feeling now, but after a few years, he will always remember your kindness and thank you for everything you have given him to learn to stand on his own feet, be strong, be happy and bear it..     Baby, knowing that you are not willing to share all your feelings with your mother, you need to keep proper psychological space and hope that the way we love is coordinated with your heart needs, and your mother is willing to give you more psychological nutrition without complaint or regret.! Baby! Mom wants to watch you grow up quietly like this.